Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Daily Round-Up 05-25

Obama Approval Index Hits New Low Well, he's been hitting a lot of new lows lately.

President Obama Job Approval

Obama Is Not Beholden to Big Corporations. He Is Beholden to the Executives of Big Corporations.

Also at new lows - Private pay shrinks to historic lows

From Investor's Business Daily - Mob Rule From SEIU

A thug too far, part 3

Unions -- The OTHER Democratic National Committee. Unions have made no secret that they plan to spend $100 million dollars to keep Democratic incumbents in office in 2010.

Pay, and pay some more, for the union label

As D.C. Cops Fine-Tune Their Story, Where’s the Washington Post On the SEIU Protest At the Bank Of America Exec’s Home?

Classic Sowell: Justice and Injustice

Video: Professor booed at Arizona graduation for criticizing immigration law

The Tax Caps Cometh Massachusetts shows how to put a lid on education spending increases.

Blumenthal digs deeper

White Guilt and Original Sin What the racial left has in common with the religious right.

Government: Destroying Your Wealth a Trillion Dollars at a Time

"Little-Noticed" is the New "Unexpected"

White House takes heat over spill response

American Jobbery Act Dissecting this week's stimulus bill.

The Privileged Call for Limited Dictatorships

Three Un-American Activities of Barack Obama

Obama White House probe of Obama White House finds no Obama White House impropriety on Sestak

White House's Sestak bid

Sestak’s Stall Not Working

Lack of sunlight over Mr. Sestak's claims

The Culture Wars are turning

Opposing view on financial reform: Step in the wrong direction

They're All Obama Liberals Now

Fawning press now gets cold shoulder from Obama

Planned Parenthood Patient Taken to Hospital, After Possible Botched Abortion

Waste, Fraud and the Truth

The Top Ten Lessons of the Global Economic Meltdown

THEY'RE WORRIED Libtalkers Worry Public Outrage Shifting Toward Obama

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