Friday, July 30, 2010

Brownback's Very Bad Idea

Article by my husband and his awesome intern from National Review Online. Brownback’s Mountain The senator has a very, very bad idea on energy.
Even the Senate leadership realizes that Americans are averse to anything that raises energy prices, especially in the current economic environment. For Senator Brownback to propose this awful idea now shows a woeful lack of judgment. His colleagues should help him climb down from this mountain. It’s much harder to dodge a bullet when you’ve put the gun to your own head.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Round-Up 07-29

President Obama Job Approval

Why Are We Beginning to Hate Congress

Obama Losing Ground with Women

Michelle Obama's Request for Birthday Wishes for Her Husband Links to Donation Page

It's almost like he lies as a knee-jerk reaction to even the most mundane questions - Obama on Snooki, Then and Now

BP’s corporate social irresponsibility

House panel hits Rangel with 13 ethics charges

Mattera v. Rangel Headed For Trial

Ethics panel brings 13 counts against embattled Rep. Rangel

Jacob Lew Case Certainly Looks Like a Story of Washington Corruption

ShoreBank: Alexi Giannoulias Has Questions to Answer

Obama talks race, pop culture on 'The View' AND An Unserious Presidency On View AND Obama plays more media blame games on 'The View'

Obamateurism of the Day

Incumbency as a Special Interest

You stay classy, Grayson - Taxpayers Spend $73,000 on Alan Grayson DVDs

California’s Fiscal Emergency a Microcosm of Americans’ Debt Concerns

How Americans’ Shifting Political Ideologies Threaten the Democrats

A "U Turn" Election?

Despite bravado, Democrats' spending on TV ad time betrays fear


Deficits Up, Unemployment Up

Letting Bush Tax Cuts Die Would Kill Recovery: Analysts

Taxes: A Defining Issue Barack Obama knows taxes define worldview. The GOP should offer voters an alternative.

CBO Warns Obama: Exploding US Debt a Huge Risk

Foreclosures Up in 75% of Top U.S. Metro Areas

Barney Frank: 'Zero chance' of Congress approving 'unpopular' value-added tax

Bank Reforms to Pinch Consumer Credit

Education secretary calls for 12-hour school days, longer school year

Only in Washington Is This Transparency

The Job Moratorium

House Bill Legalizes Online Gambling in US

Employment (June 2010) AND Job Creation (June 2010)

Ohio Wants Something Different

What Would Happen If Sharks Disappeared?

Political operatives on Journolist worked to shape news coverage

It's always good to know who's cooking your news

Among the Gibbering Journalists

The Obama Administration Admits It Lied About Abortion in Its Landmark Health-Care Bill

National Health Service: It's Coming to America

Majority Leader Reid: ‘We Will Have a Public Option’

I think the scariest thing is that they force children to undergo school weigh-ins because the government runs the healthcare. A damaging dream of Mad Men's Joan

Helplessness and Anarchy

I smell burning pants - SEIU to Illegal Immigrants: Republicans Will Round You Up Like the Nazis and Put You in Internment Camps

Fox News Poll: 72 Percent Say Government Not Enforcing Immigration Laws

Left Admits: Racism Charges Against Tea Parties a Tactic, Not a Truth

Milton Friedman’s Enduring Legacy

House Dems face resistance from their own on spill plan

The Death Of The Global Warming Movement

Illegal immigrants leave tons of trash in Arizona desert, devastating environment

The Amnesty Memo

Gov. Brewer's request to the 9th Circuit (pdf) here.

Julian Assange may avoid prosecution for his voluminous data dump, but we can still shower the attention-craving, vainglorious “truth-seeker” with our contempt, says Tunku Varadarajan.

Back in the day, African-American kids didn't think it was a crime to be young, gifted and black.

The Red Flag of Partisanship

FCC Chair Genachowski Again Offers Very Little in Defense of his Internet Land Grab

Gov. Chris Christie speaks fiscal truth

Where the REAL Hypocrisy Lies

Huh - Obama Not On Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Guest List

What I Learned From ‘The Incredibles’

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fighting Corruption 07-28

Videos - Gov. Chris Christie on Morning Joe AND Gov. Christie on Saving Money & the Hard Decisions We Have to Make

Black Conservatives Condemn Mary Frances Berry’s Cynical Comments on Progressive Racial Politics

Republicans with a Positive Governing Agenda This is pretty much a dream wish list, let's hope it can come true!

NJ Supreme Court rejects demand to redefine marriage…for now

Immigration Round-Up 07-28

An Abominable Decision

Stealth Amnesty Creeps Ahead

Nice Town You Got There, Shame If Anything Happened to It

ACLU lawsuits force localities to back off tough immigration laws

Lawsuit Lessons

BREAKING: Judge Blocks Part of Arizona Law

In Economic Woes 07-28

It's a TARP! Fin-Reg Exempts SEC from Transperency Requirements

Schwarzenegger orders government worker furloughs
Krugman's 'Fraud' Why does the former Enron adviser write things that are flatly untrue?

Our Bloated Government Can't Fight Obesity

Unexpected Drop in Durable Goods

Double Dip? New Normal? No Fun either Way

Sun Could Set Suddenly on Superpower as Debt Bites

Institute for Justice: The Power of One Entrepreneur Campaign

If they're not over-regulating small businesses, they are under-funding big ventures. Ugh! Commercial Spaceflight, We Have a Problem. Reduced government funding could scuttle some projects

IRS Continues to Use 'Tax Protester' Label Despite Congressional Prohibition

Bush tax cuts: Keep some, allow others to expire. With the economy still struggling and worries about the deficit continuing, Congress must carefully evaluate and revise tax policy

If You're a Progressive, How Come You're So Rich?

Atlas Didn't Shrug He's just sitting on his hands while he confronts regulatory and tax uncertainty.

The Timeless Principles of American Prosperity

Right to Work Is a Winning Political Issue

Will Obama's Deficit Commission Call for $26.7 Trillion Tax Increase?

Goldman Already a Step Ahead of FinReg Let's face it, the financial arm of the government is practically entirely ex-Goldman employees.

SEC Says New Financial Regulation Law Exempts it From Public Disclosure

Localities, states scramble to spend foreclosure relief aid

Federal Debt and the Risk of a Fiscal Crisis

Bad Politician Bad 07-28

Goodness! - President Obama Job Approval

Dems Launch Anti-Tea Party Strategy AND this nonsense here.

Obama’s Choice: 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts, or Joy Behar? Incredibly, the president declined an invitation to this week's Boy Scout National Jamboree, opting to tape an episode of The View instead.

Obama and 'The View': Two wars, oil crisis, crashed economy and he's whooping it up with Whoopi

Obama support falls among blacks, Hispanics

156 Days

The President Wears Prada

House Democrats head for a thumping at the polls

DNC mocks Tea Party movement, calls them ‘elite’

What's their plan?

PJTV Video - Colorado 'Credo: You're a Kamikaze Candidate If Megyn Kelly Thinks You're a Crackpot

Berwick-Linked Advocacy Group Spearheaded ‘Torture’ Campaign against American Officials. Obama has appointed Donald Berwick, a board member of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), to head Medicare. While participating in an EU-funded project on “documenting” torture charges, PHR took aim at America.

Democrat Sanchez backs effort to extend labor protections to home care workers

November Starts Now — Obama’s 3:00 AM Fail

Out of Touch Out of Mind

Rangel in a sleaze squeeze

K Street goes to the defense of Charlie Rangel

Get Ready For The Charlie Coverup

Report: Meeting on ethics charges involving Rangel’s lawyers may have been, er, unethical

House Democratic Memo Is Another Blow to J Street

How Obama blew his opportunity.

Barney Frank’s one dollar fare conundrum and the ruling class

Sen. Kerry to pay $500K tax on yacht Wait a minute, aren't there penalties for attempted tax avoidence?

If You're a Progressive, How Come You're So Rich?

Mass. Legislature approves plan to bypass Electoral College

Our Divisive President Barack Obama promised a new era of post-partisanship. In office, he's played racial politics and further split the country along class and party lines.

Media Bias 07-28

BWAHAHAHAHA - In July, ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann‘ Saw Lowest Viewership Since April 2008

An Order of Seven Global Cyber-Guardians Now Hold Keys to the Internet

Serious Journalists Feel Betrayed By Klein's JournoList, But Do Nothing About It

Why is Hollywood Rehabilitating Totalitarianism?

Jon Stewart: Andrew Breitbart ‘May Be the Most Honest Person in This Entire Story!’

My Apology to Shirley Sherrod — Withdrawn

From Book Publishers to the Media: The Left’s Crusade to End Debate

The New Journalism

The people on JournoList claim they were just social networking, so let’s start calling it SociaList

Obamacare 07-28

Texas among many states fighting health care bill


Video - President Obama Stars in Instructional Video for

PDF Version here.

Republicans and the U.S. Chamber target new tax-reporting rule in health law

Do You Trust Your Government to Be Competent to Run This?

ObamaCare: The Government’s Rationing Toolbox Exposed

Democratic congressman on Medicare: Don’t mess with my momma

Study Shows Abortion Funding Rules Would Not Apply to High-Risk Pools

Another Public Option? How Many Do We Need

Health care reform, after Obamacare

The ER myth

Daily Round-Up 07-28

Let's Start With A Drink - The Instapundit Drinking Game As always, some of the best moments are in the comments.


A Response to Thernstrom on the New Black Panther Case

DoJ stalling on protecting voting rights of military?

A City Embroiled in Corruption The larger context of the voter-intimidation case points to a city of corrupt politics

Military voters soon to be disenfranchised - again. Panther prejudice not the only problem at Justice

He was kind of a douche - An old argument revisited

The U.N. secretary-general must go.


The Details on Reid’s Energy Bill

PJTV Video - GRAPH INFECTION! Climate Politics and the Sickness of Al Gore's Hockey Stick

Science is losing its credibility because it has adopted an authoritarian tone, and has let itself be co-opted by politics.

Umm, YES!!! Is it time to end climate alarmism?


SEIU pressures Maine senators

SEIU settles dispute with Unite Here, turns its attention to breakaway group

The Obama Education Revolution

'Civil Rights’ Organizations Stand with Unions, Against Obama and Education Reform

Silly Financial Argument

This is a ridiculous arguement to make - Credit card fees transfer wealth to rich, study finds

1) If the credit card companies charge merchants a fee to accept the credit cards, merchants do it willingly because they get an increase business, they may choose to slightly raise their prices but they may decide to lower their prices in order to remain competitive. The arguement that this costs the poor is spurious.

2) If it does cost the poor because they pay in cash more often than the wealthier then it is in their interests to get retail credit cards and built up a credit history. Everyone does this at some point in their lives, I find it hard to believe that "the poor" can't.

3) The impact on the households is trivial in all real senses and the economic pitfalls of owning a credit card for a household with only $20,000 annual income is far greater than the savings of $23 they would gain.

This article is a thinly disguised arguement for wealth redistribution at the expense of basic economic realities.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Obamacare 07-27

Ready for the Next Trillion-Dollar Bailout?

Obamacare’s Political Future

Section in Health-care law puts serious accounting strain on small businesses

Should Patients Read the Doctor’s Notes?

This is why Tort Reform was a better idea than Obamacare people - Jury Damage Award Could Close California Healthcare Facilities

ObamaCare: The Rationing Begins in Earnest

Junk Science 07-27

Manmade Global Warming: The Solution

BP Oil Spill: Clean-Up Crews Can't Find Crude in the Gulf

Global Warming Funding Scandal!

NGO's Strangle Pulp and Paper Industry

BP Oil Spill: Clean-Up Crews Can't Find Crude in the Gulf and this amusement here.

The Difference between ‘True Science’ and ‘Cargo-Cult Science’ “Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts” is how the great Nobel Prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman defined science

New Low? Congress Worried No Cap-n-Trade Means No ‘Climate Aid’ Billions

The “Beijing Consensus” in Energy and the Environment

Fighting Corruption 07-27


An interview with South Carolina’s Tim Scott: A black congressional candidate who thinks the Tea Party — not CBC — might be his kind of caucus

PJTV Video (The excellent Sonja Schmidt) - The Arizona Buycott: Fighting Illegal Immigration ... One Purchase at a Time

Thomas Sowell - How Smart Are We? Elites may have more brilliance, but they can’t have as much experience as the people whose decisions they preempt.

United GOP Thwarting Obama's Campaign Finance Bill

I've been wondering what Mr. Kurtz has been up to, now we know - Announcing Radical-in-Chief

Wilderness Zone in New Mexico Won't Be Lost to Smugglers, Advocates Say

Latest from the Frontlines

Like Steve Biko, I Write What I Like

Year of the Tea Party Voter Republicans are winning over voters who are disgruntled with both parties.

New Gulf Oil Spill

According to Fox News - Boat Crashes Into Oil Well, Creating New Spill in Gulf of Mexico If the damage was done on the surface, it should be relatively easy to fix but the Gulf needs this like the US needs more taxes.

In Economic Woes 07-27

Consumer Confidence Falls, Lowest Since February

The Democratic Fisc The White House budget office offers a scorecard on Obamanomics.

Thanks for the memories, Barack: Or, how to bankrupt a country in three easy steps

The No-Matter-What Tax Increase A tax increase in these uncertain economic times would be devestating

Audit: US can't account for $8.7B in Iraqi funds

Wrong on Bush Tax Cuts: How Do the Democrats Disguise it? The Democrats are rethinking their plan to let the Bush tax cuts expire. Their problem is how to disguise their change of heart going into the fall election.

Reconsidering Competition and the Goals of Competition Law

Obama Must Stop Baiting Business

SHOCK! Offshore Drilling Moratorium Would Cost United States 175,000 Jobs Per Year Through 2035

N Dakota, Alaska lead US job creation, study says

Video - Katie Pavlich tries to use her tax immunity card on local shops

Financial Reform Does Nothing to Alleviate Fear

State Budget Crises Won't Just Disappear

How the Death Tax Kills Small Businesses, Communities—and Civil Society

More Weird Metrics for Elizabeth Warren

Jerry Brown’s Potential Crippling Blow to California

Liquidation Isn’t Over as Double Dip Looms

The Decade's 25 Top Earners

Media Bias 07-27

Named and Shamed - JournoList: 135 Names Confirmed with News Organizations

Breaking: Roman Polanski Faces Another Rape Allegation

Seven Deceptive Mainstream Media Techniques

How Journolist and Oliver Stone each serve to highlight the other’s insanity

Journolisters debate making coordination with Obama explicit

Heroes of Journolist: Dan Froomkin, James Surowiecki, Jeffrey Toobin, Michael Tomasky — and founder Ezra Klein

Media Control Controls the Masses

Empire of Silence Journolist, Breitbart, and what the Left doesn’t say

Journolist Trig Emails - All About The Story Line

Raw Journolist emails on ‘Palin’s Downs child’

Journolisters Risked Their Integrity

Ezra Klein on Morning Joe…

Leaks that could embarrass lefty reporters: BAD. Leaks that could get American troops killed: GOOD.

Unhinged Newsman: The Crazy World of Keith Olbermann

Telling Us the Obvious

Lewis, Carson, Cleaver and the phantom n-word

Coverage Focuses on U.S.-Caused Civilian Deaths When Taliban Responsible for Ten Times More, Zings CBS's Logan

What is Mr. Times saying?

Mel Gibson and Oliver Stone

Full Sherrod Video: Violence Against Cops, Judges And Lawyers?

Attention CNN’s Interview Scheduling Department

Bad Politician Bad 07-27

WOW! - President Obama Job Approval

Poll: A few cracks in Obama's Hispanic support

Rasmussen: Republicans Widen Generic Lead Over Dems to 10 points

If This Doesn't Motivate You For November, Nothing Will

The salesman doesn't know the territory

Revealed: The Obama Donor List

Baked in the Cake Everything you needed to know about Obama could have been learned from his campaign.

Obamas take 4 vacations in 1 month.

Charlie Rangel is the Poster Child for Term Limits

Who’s who on the Bush tax cuts

House leaders squeeze Rangel

Top Dem: Rangel must decide alone whether to resign or face inquiry

GOP leadership will hold fire on Rangel

Rangel Scrambling to Make Deal on Ethics Charges

Rangel may hurt fellow Dems with ethics trial yet keep his own seat

Dems fear GOP oversight of Obama administration

Lewis, Carson, Cleaver and the phantom n-word

More Unaccountable Obama Czars

Party at the DOJ: Golf, Pool Parties and other Fun on the Taxpayer Dime

More States "Competitive" in Terms of Party Identification

GOP Playing with Dynamite on ‘Anchor Baby’ Issue There was a time when Republicans knew better than to handle radioactive material.

The Art of the Unbelievable The trouble with Illinois politics

Ouch - Mr. President, where are you?

That Stingy Barney Frank

Chuck Norris - Obama's US Assassination Program?

Video - Kerry Confronted Over Yacht Tax Dodge Story

‘Our Politics Increasingly Resembles a Cold Civil War’

Interesting thinking - Patronage, Principles, and Political Parties

Daily Round-Up 07-27

Myth vs. Fact: The New Black Panther Party Investigation AND Senate Republicans Call for New Panther Hearings

Why won’t the Justice Department let Christopher Coates testify on New Black Panther Party case?

Disgrace: DOJ Fails to Protect Military Voting Rights In 2008, some 17,000 servicemen and servicewomen mailed home completed ballots that were never counted. The DOJ barely lifted a finger to prevent or prosecute this travesty. What will happen in 2010?

Coburn criticizes DOJ for wasting money on golf and video games while country goes unprotected AND
Justice Dept. parties with tax dollars — arcade games, bowling, and skateboarding!


Nailing a Memo to the U.N.'s Door

Al Gore interviewed by Portland detectives

Pigford v. Glickman: 86,000 claims from 39,697 total farmers?

Harvard first, conservatism later and a little

Census Bureau Coordinator Running for Political Office While on the Job

PJTV Video (The Dreamy VodkaPundit) - Hair of the Dog: Let Them Eat Tax Hikes

Is Illegal Immigration Bad for America’s Health?

Words I Never Expected To Type. Man, I miss the fiscal discipline of the Bush era!

Sherrod: "We Must Stop The White Man And His Uncle Toms ..."

Conservatives Swoon for Radical Revolutionary

VDH - From Rev. Wright to the Sherrod Affair

Racial McCarthyism comes a cropper


Is There Any Enforcement They Support?

FEC advisory based on Citizens United gives labor unions, corporations no limit on donations for independent expenditures AND The Establishment Protection Act

Angry public hounds obscenely overpaid city official out of job -- he still gets $1 million annual public pension

Personal Finance For the Publicly Employed: Quit Paying Your Mortgage Because Your Overtime's Been Reduced

Mass. State workers feverishly taking sick pol pushes for reform in private sector

Giving Lousy Teachers the Boot

Monday, July 26, 2010

I love this area

We ended up popping into the "mini-aquarium" where my son got to watch the sharks and the lion fish get fed. Then into the American History museum where I got to watch my daughter extract DNA from a strawberry. AWESOME.

Gone Museuming

Heading into the city to spend some time at the "dinosaur museum" aka Natural History Museum. Lite to nil blogging today. I wish I could say I was "educating" the children but we've been so often the kids could give a tour guide.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amazing Photo, Amusing Point

This is an amazing photo and I am so grateful to God that the pilot ejected safely...

But has anyone noticed the humor in the sign I've circled?

The sign says "Entering Vehicle Control Zone"

Random Round-Up 07-25

President Obama Job Approval

Note to Progressives: It's Worse Than You Relize

Fiscal Evasion in State Budgeting

Stupak Voting Bloc Struggles Going Into Midterms

Carville Slams Obama Again, Now on Moratorium

Inspector General investigating Department of Interior report falsely claiming experts endorsed offshore drilling ban

Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann hides atop the climate change ivory tower

Veto likely on bills blocking EPA regs

Desperate days for the warmists Warmists may be winning the big grants, but they're not winning the argument, says Christopher Booker

Battle Looms in Washington Over Expiring Tax Cuts

The Blame Stream Media and the Sherrod Charade

Immigrant ’sanctuaries’ rouse opponents’ wrath

Business undermined by greedy politicians

The Young and Jobless : New evidence that the minimum wage has hurt teenage workers.

Presidency By the Script

GOP lawmakers call for investigation into alleged racial politics of justice dept.

Why Eric Holder Will Not Last

No Summer Fling: Rallying Against Rangel

White House sends 2012 rescue team to Florida

Well, he is definately a tool - Keith Olbermann: A useful “tool” for conservatives

Liberal activists say good riddance to Kerry-Lieberman climate legislation

Stay classy CNN - CNN Anchors Call For Crackdown on Bloggers (Video)

Video - On Nightline, Andrew Breitbart on Matt Drudge, Arianna Huffington and ‘the Beginning of the Beginning’

Demoralized Democrats Confront Specter of Big Losses

Uncertain future for Reid despite rebound in Nev.

More Deficit Damage Ahead

German Giants Flee Wall Street

An Ugly Preview of ObamaCare

Aka Rationing - Axe falls on NHS services. NHS bosses have drawn up secret plans for sweeping cuts to services, with restrictions on the most basic treatments for the sick and injured.

Gee ya think? - Stronger children's coverage rules may raise insurance costs

Reid to Netroots: "We're Going To Have a Public Option"

A Misguided Decision

Faltering Economy, Senate Revolt on Bush Tax Cuts Don't Faze Obama

Fascism… Yes, It Can Happen Here

GOP Lawmakers Call for Investigation Into Alleged Racial Politics of Justice Dept

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) Rides The Racialist Mobius Loop

Of, by and from the people, for the politicians

100 Days to Decide: Republicans Bank on Anti-Dem Strategy, Platform Unclear

Litmus Test for President Obama is Black Farmer Settlement (Video)

The 'unravelling relationship' between Russia and Iran

It’s the Uncertainty, Stupid Big Ben Bernanke publicly acknowledges what so many of us have known for over two years

Politics: The Art of the Unbelievable

Only if it happens - The Liberal Tax Revolt: Is it a Game-Changer?

'Call Them Racists' How "journolists" tried to suppress the news

Video - Ann Coulter vs. Ricardo Leon Sanchez de Reinaldo