Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily Round-Up 07-27

Myth vs. Fact: The New Black Panther Party Investigation AND Senate Republicans Call for New Panther Hearings

Why won’t the Justice Department let Christopher Coates testify on New Black Panther Party case?

Disgrace: DOJ Fails to Protect Military Voting Rights In 2008, some 17,000 servicemen and servicewomen mailed home completed ballots that were never counted. The DOJ barely lifted a finger to prevent or prosecute this travesty. What will happen in 2010?

Coburn criticizes DOJ for wasting money on golf and video games while country goes unprotected AND
Justice Dept. parties with tax dollars — arcade games, bowling, and skateboarding!


Nailing a Memo to the U.N.'s Door

Al Gore interviewed by Portland detectives

Pigford v. Glickman: 86,000 claims from 39,697 total farmers?

Harvard first, conservatism later and a little

Census Bureau Coordinator Running for Political Office While on the Job

PJTV Video (The Dreamy VodkaPundit) - Hair of the Dog: Let Them Eat Tax Hikes

Is Illegal Immigration Bad for America’s Health?

Words I Never Expected To Type. Man, I miss the fiscal discipline of the Bush era!

Sherrod: "We Must Stop The White Man And His Uncle Toms ..."

Conservatives Swoon for Radical Revolutionary

VDH - From Rev. Wright to the Sherrod Affair

Racial McCarthyism comes a cropper


Is There Any Enforcement They Support?

FEC advisory based on Citizens United gives labor unions, corporations no limit on donations for independent expenditures AND The Establishment Protection Act

Angry public hounds obscenely overpaid city official out of job -- he still gets $1 million annual public pension

Personal Finance For the Publicly Employed: Quit Paying Your Mortgage Because Your Overtime's Been Reduced

Mass. State workers feverishly taking sick time...as pol pushes for reform in private sector

Giving Lousy Teachers the Boot

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