Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 07-28

Goodness! - President Obama Job Approval

Dems Launch Anti-Tea Party Strategy AND this nonsense here.

Obama’s Choice: 100th Anniversary of the Boy Scouts, or Joy Behar? Incredibly, the president declined an invitation to this week's Boy Scout National Jamboree, opting to tape an episode of The View instead.

Obama and 'The View': Two wars, oil crisis, crashed economy and he's whooping it up with Whoopi

Obama support falls among blacks, Hispanics

156 Days

The President Wears Prada

House Democrats head for a thumping at the polls

DNC mocks Tea Party movement, calls them ‘elite’

What's their plan?

PJTV Video - Colorado 'Credo: You're a Kamikaze Candidate If Megyn Kelly Thinks You're a Crackpot

Berwick-Linked Advocacy Group Spearheaded ‘Torture’ Campaign against American Officials. Obama has appointed Donald Berwick, a board member of Physicians for Human Rights (PHR), to head Medicare. While participating in an EU-funded project on “documenting” torture charges, PHR took aim at America.

Democrat Sanchez backs effort to extend labor protections to home care workers

November Starts Now — Obama’s 3:00 AM Fail

Out of Touch Out of Mind

Rangel in a sleaze squeeze

K Street goes to the defense of Charlie Rangel

Get Ready For The Charlie Coverup

Report: Meeting on ethics charges involving Rangel’s lawyers may have been, er, unethical

House Democratic Memo Is Another Blow to J Street

How Obama blew his opportunity.

Barney Frank’s one dollar fare conundrum and the ruling class

Sen. Kerry to pay $500K tax on yacht Wait a minute, aren't there penalties for attempted tax avoidence?

If You're a Progressive, How Come You're So Rich?

Mass. Legislature approves plan to bypass Electoral College

Our Divisive President Barack Obama promised a new era of post-partisanship. In office, he's played racial politics and further split the country along class and party lines.

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