Friday, September 24, 2010

Sudden Absence

I am so sorry for my sudden absence since Wednesday. I decided to volunteer at a local winery de-stemming dried Muscat grapes in exchange for lunch and a free bottle of wine.

I needed to try something new in order to break out of the sadness I am feeling over the loss of my father. It wasn't a panacea but it was a lot of fun.

I plan on getting back on the blogging wagon soon.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Random Round-Up 09-21

President Obama Job Approval

Congress Only Growing Less Popular With Americans

Troubling Developments in the New Black Panther Party Case Investigation

Can the Republicans Make a Twin Killing in California?

Election 2010: Alaska Senate AND Murkowski Misspells Name in First Ad for Write-In Candidacy

But then there's always this (hat tip Jonah) - Billboard spelling error creates embarrassment

Feingold Down Eleven in Wisconsin

Can’t Run on It, Can’t Run Away From It

PROOF: DNC and Team Obama Are Targeting Tea Partiers and Top Conservatives

Koch Industries Lawyer to White House: How Did You Get Our Tax Information? AND Tax Audits Are No Laughing Matter. A president shouldn't even joke about abusing IRS power.

Stay classy Democrats - Dems include West social security number in flier, call it 'oversight'

New Maxine Waters and Barney Frank Scandal Documents

Barbara Boxer’s Bad Week, Part One of Five. Boxer is a disgusting vile person while the morals of a slug and the ethics of a toad. That and she was rude to my husband. Once. Still doesn't remove the stink of her corruption.
You’re probably familiar with Rep. Maxine Waters, the California Democrat who’s under investigation by the House Ethics Committee for allegations that she used her position in Congress to ensure the U.S. Treasury Department would help out a bank where her husband was a stockholder and former director.

What you probably didn’t know is that Boxer has been sending large amounts of cash to Waters’s daughter for the past two cycles, and in exchange, Waters has been featuring Boxer prominently on her “slate mailer,” a sample ballot used by many voters in Waters’s South Central district.

In 2004, Boxer paid Rep. Waters’s daughter, Karen Waters, $25,000 to ensure her spot on the mailer; on June 2, Boxer’s campaign sent “Citizens for Waters” $5,000.

U.S. Military: International Abortion Provider?

A snapshot of the Tea Party movement in Rochester, N.Y.

Thomas Sowell - The Politics of Resentment

Fed Mulls Trillion-Dollar Policy Question

From CNN (via Instapundit) Economists: Extend Bush tax cuts for everyone

US Government 'hiding true amount of debt'

Obama and Taxes: The Problem with Sound-bite Politics

Palin vs. Obama AND The Sarah Palin puzzle: A plurality disapproves yet a growing majority now identifies with her views. As was pointed out on, imagine what the polls would be like if Palin and Obama got equal media scrutiny?

Shocking to No One

Major health insurers to stop offering new child-only policies
Some of the country's most prominent health insurance companies have decided to stop offering new child-only plans, rather than comply with rules in the new health-care law that will require such plans to start accepting children with preexisting medical conditions after Sept. 23
. And here I thought Obamacare would be good for the country. HA!

The NYT says this like it is a bad thing - GOP Majority Will ‘Chip Away,’ Defund Obamacare

Big GOP win? Massive public opposition to Obamacare. But as we’ve said before, don’t expect miracles

FDA Delays Rationing Decision on Avastin

A Pension for Fiscal Recklessness

Charterrific - Growth Consequences of Estate Tax Reform

We’re Going to Begin to Act, Beginning Today

For Whom Bell Tolls

Dems Chose Wrong Moment for Big Government

Job-Loss Recovery

Post-Disaster Recovery: An Institutional and Cultural Perspective on the Reconstruction of the Gulf Coast

Neglecting the Base

Gee I wonder why? - Evening News Ratings: 2009-2010 Season

Constitutional Government Under Assault with New Consumer Czar

Current Spending Cuts Insufficient to Balance Budgets in the Long Run

Monday, September 20, 2010


In Economic Woes 09-20

Nevada unemployment rises to all-time high 14.4 percent

The Most Uplifting Sentence I Read This Weekend

Gillespie Versus Chait, On Deficits

Poll: Economy leads concerns, while taxes rank last

Feds want your input in creating new fuel economy labels

Welcome to socialism, a glimpse of our future? - UK Proposes All Paychecks Go to the State First

What "credentials?" - Obama Defends Business Credentials at Unusual 'Town Hall'

Wall Street’s Profit Engines Slow Down

Tax Fight:GOP Won't Back Down

Tea Party primary wins give boost to 'fair tax' plan to kill federal income taxes

Totalitarian Recall

Next Time Somebody Says “This is the worst meltdown since the Great Depression” and You Think “That’s bullshit”…

The Anti-Government Straw Man

The Obama Tax Hikes: Economic Harm to All Americans

Your Government at Work: Chaos Theory 101

Nine Days’ Deficit

Daily Round-Up 09-20

Proof: New Records Show DOJ Lied About New Black Panther Dismissal. A FOIA request reveals contradictions in statements made to Congress, the Civil Rights Commission, and to the public. Some of these statements were made under oath ANd this here.

Enough Is Enough, Joe Rich: An Uncivil Man from the Civil Rights Division. The former chief of the Voting Section of the DOJ's Civil Rights Division is not the apolitical civil servant portrayed in the media. He is hyper-partisan and vindictive, and should be investigated for perjury.


Alveda King Reaffirms Ties Between Blacks and Conservatives

52% of Voters Say Their Views Are More Like Palin’s Than Obama’s

‘Fire From the Heartland’ Review: Conservative Women in Their Own Voice

This will make going to church with my husband so much mnore fun - Pope Benedict’s UK Visit: The News Everybody Missed

The List: The Top 20 Campaigns In Which To Invest Time and Money Between Now and November AND CONGRESSIONAL CANDIDATES WHO URGENTLY NEED HELP

Why Conservative Women May Save the Country


Leftist ‘Religious’ Mob- Spits on Andrew Breitbart – Screams Homo (Video) You stay "tolerant" liberals.

The Poverty Solution: Marriage or Bust

Democrats Plan to Attack the Tea Parties (Again) Go ahead Democrats, make the Tea Parties' day.

A tragic phenomenon which is taking a terrible toll on everyone involved.

How presidential - Bring It!… Obama Plans More Attacks on Tea Party Like the One Last Night in Chicago


White House: New York Times report '100 percent wrong'

New York Times Reporter Covering Mosque Story Was ‘Trained’ by Imam Rauf

Media duped by Reid's cries of 'obstructionism'

MARC AMBINDER: Media will help Democrats’ messaging about the Tea Party.

MoDo, D’Souza and the Shame of the New York Times

The continuing exploits of RightHaven


Rescuing Climate Science From Agenda-Driven Politics

Inventing A Bogeyman: Today Show Embraces Scare Science

Actually the only "junk science" part of this article is the referring to genetically modified food as "frankenfood". Nonsense. If you are stupid enough to fail to understand the science behind genetic modification and its extraordinary benefits, then you deserve to eat your poop-covered "organic" crap. Frankenfood, Coming Soon to a Store Near You?

OOPS: Cleaner for the Environment, Not for the Dishes.


Breitbart Confronts Paid Union Thugs

Massive, nationwide vote fraud is the among the most rotten fruit of ACORN-type activism

Andrew Breitbart Forces President Obama’s Protesters to Fold Up Shop

Protesters at ‘Anti-Hate’ Rally Call Breitbart Homosexual, Spit on Him So much for that "open-minded" liberal stuff.


Profiles in Courage: 10 Democrats Who Oppose Obama's Agenda

This is a tax plan I could get on board with - Tea Party primary wins give boost to 'fair tax' plan to kill federal income taxes

GOP Aims to Erode White House Agenda Preparing for a Potential Congressional Majority, Republican Leaders Say Repeal of Health-Care Law Tops Their Priorities

Realism, Not Ideology, Driving Tea Partiers

DeMint Group Launches Delaware Ad

The Misunderstood Tea Party Movement

Bad Politician Bad 09-20

President Obama Job Approval

Koch Industries Lawyer to White House: How Did You Get Our Tax Information?

New Maxine Waters and Barney Frank Scandal Documents

They save money by not paying taxes - Top 10 Richest US Lawmakers Mostly Dems

Arkansas Senate - Boozman vs. Lincoln

Republicans Gain Ground Among Independents

Phil Hare Encouraged to ‘Keep on Digging!’

Cover-up: Democratic Congresswoman Continues to Deny Involvement With Palin-as-Hitler Protest

Voters feel closer to Palin than Obama, 52/40

The Secret Election

The Latest 2012 Straw Poll

Memo to the Right: "The Lombardi Rule" Is In Effect

Woman at Town Hall Meeting Tired of Defending President Obama

John Kerry bitter as Tea Party gains steam

A Monumental Contest

Charting the Wave: Making Sense of the House Campaign Scorecard

Reid scrambling in Senate race despite huge cash advantage over Republican challenger Sharron Angle

Democrats Worried Jon Stewart Rally Will Hurt Them On Election Day

Stay classy Howard - Former DNC Chair Howard Dean Reveals How Democrats Evade Tough Questions

A welcome right turn

Seeing Harry Reid in a DREAM That weasel of an assclown is trying to put amnesty into a defense bill.

Obama Drops Amnesty Hint

Video: King 5 News Fact-Checks Sen. Murray's Claims against Dino Rossi and the Pledge

Obamacare 09-20

It's scary. Read with the lights on. Implementing Obamacare: A New Exercise in Old-Fashioned Central Planning

A primer on gangster government

Clinton says he was wrong on healthcare bill's popularity Oh bubba, it pains me to say it but you've been wrong about a lot of stuff.

Woman Goes Nuclear At California Town Hall Meeting AWESOME

Health 'reform' will haunt Dems

ObamaCare Predicted to Increase Health Care Spending By 39 Percent in 2014

Rising Premiums a Sign of Impending Obamacare

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Random Round-Up 09-19

President Obama Job Approval

More Gruesome Polling for Democrats

Playing a race card? (again) - Obama urges blacks to vote and "guard the change"

She's baaack! Guess who's behind the massive ObamaCare propaganda campaign appearing around the web? None other than Maoist Anita Dunn

Heed This Message, Washington -- Voters Want Leaders Who Understand the Importance of Economic AND Social Values

America's future: Liberty or dependency?

Obama’s Tax Evasion. Obama favors one class of people over another in the pursuit of a public good.

This is a problem that we must confront NOW. Massive, nationwide vote fraud is the among the most rotten fruit of ACORN-type activism

Vote fraud attacks the heart of our political system and threatens our rights as citizens. AND Fraudulent vote count keeps rising in 2008 Minnesota election AND Harris County Tax Office
Voter Registration Department

Truth Is the New Hate Speech: Long Past Time to Overthrow the Media and Save Ourselves

WOW! The Palin Card

What Do We Owe the Folks Who Are the Heart of America?

PJTV Video - The Week in Blogs: Loco Logos!

Sounds like a good idea to me - Give States a Tool to Check Federal Power

Don Surber beats democrats with a golf club. Awesome! AND John Boehner: the second of 12 kids from Ohio who is Barack Obama's elitist target. The White House is attempting to cling on to Democratic control of Washington by portraying an Ohio congressman who grew up in near poverty as an elitist country club Republican controlled by wealthy lobbyists.

Optimistic GOP Looking Forward to Repeal of Obamacare

GOP divided on how to replace health overhaul law

Larry Kudlow - A Bullish Tea Party Revolt

State Migration Trends, 1993-2008: From Blue States to Red States With charts!

From the Washington Post! - President Obama picks Elizabeth Warren ... and thumbs his nose at the Senate

Ground Zero Mosque: Russian Chess Federation president offers $10 Million for Muslim center site to build chess center

Recycling anything except metals is a total waste of time, energy, money, and water. Get excited about recycling? Not me

Bashing Boehner: the Times does Obama’s bidding

Republican senator warns of possible death for GOP

Andrew Breitbart Exposes How Politicians Raise Cash VS Did You Get My Message?

Radical multiculturalism a growing problem in public schools

Antidisestablishmentarianism rides again

Cleaner for the Environment, Not for the Dishes. BAH! If environmentalists really cared about what goes into our fresh water lakes and rivers, they'd ban birth control pills. Anything else is just avoidence.

Americans Renew Call for Third Party

PJTV Video - The Left Assassinates Reason: Law Enforcement Challenges in the Age of Illegal Immigration

Haley Slams Reid's Rejection of Yucca Nuclear Waste Site

Obama Omits "Creator" from Declaration of Independence Quotation "His "long pause" is intriguing. Was this an innocent oversight, or was it intentional? You decide:"
Intentional and wrong.

A Convenient Excuse

MSM not even trying to hide their hate for Republicans anymore AND OH, THAT LIBERAL MEDIA

Let Them Eat Tax Hikes Thirty-one House Democrats signed a letter urging Ms. Pelosi to bring a bill to extend all the tax rate reductions, not just the middle-class cuts.

Along the Southern Border, the New York Times Is Disconnected from Reality’

Dem Civil War: Public Unions vs. Gentry Liberals

Memo to GOP: Don't drop earmark ban

CT approves rate hikes to cover ObamaCare mandates

Only 20? - California Legislators Release List of Top 20 Veto-worthy Bills

First Amendment Watch: Obama Misleads on ‘Citizens United’ Decision

Hey, Look at Me, I'm a Conservative Dupe or, What Part of Massive Increases in Federal Spending Don't You Understand?

29 Reasons Why BHO Is the Greatest President Ever (If You Hate America)

Wallace Unplugged: Tea Partiers in D.C.

Powell says illegal immigrants do vital work in US -- and at his house when it needs repair

Decline Is in the Mind

Polanski's 'Ghost Writer' wins prize at San Sebastian