Saturday, December 19, 2009

And It's Still Getting Deeper

Twas The Congress Before Christmas

Class III Kill Storm

Well, the kids are enjoying the snow.

I'm baking my Grandmother's Christmas cookies.

And my husband is watching English Football in the hopes he can avoid shovelling.

Fat Chance, Limey.

Below are some pictures I took at 8am today. I imagine the snow depth will be double by the time this blizzard is over.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Political Corruption 12-17

Why Independents Are Abandoning Obama

Curiouser and Curiouser

Congressional Democrats Turn on Obama.

Dean: I Won't 'Vigorously' Back Obama Re-election Bid

Our Clueless Commander

PJTV - Above the People, In Spite of the People, Not For the People

Democrats' Blues Grow Deeper in New Poll

The Paradox of Partisanship

Another Class Act - Al Franken Denies Lieberman Extra Minute To Speak -- McCain Fires Back

The Evolution of a President: Not Yet Trans-Partisan

A Disturbing Trend From the White House Toward the Jewish People

Violation of Senate Rules This Afternoon

The problem's not the banks. It's Obama.

Creamer Audio Drop, Part 2: Obama Key to “Fundamentally Transforming” America

Paying Off 'La Raza'

Weakness, Chaos, and Failure

If he hadn't been such a pompous blowhole, he wouldn't have had to apologize in the first place. Sen. Chuck Schumer apologizes to female flight attendant after referring to her with B-word AND this class act has formed a duo - He said, she lied

Fighting Corruption 12-17

The Real Person of the Year: It’s You, Again. Kudos to the American people for organizing tea parties, attending town halls, and slowing Obama's socialist agenda

WSJ/NBC News Poll: Tea Party Tops Democrats and Republicans Red, White, and Sacrebleu: How American Wines Shocked the World!

Obama vs. the liberals: Pass the tea to the left

I think it's just Angry American. Pollster: 2010 could be year of 'the angry white male' heading into elections Because OBAMAGEDDON! NBC-WSJ POLL: TEA PARTY MORE POPULAR THAN DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS. With Both the young and old equally pissed off.

I just think anthropology is cool. How shellfish saved the human race

Outsider Senate candidates decline Republican party’s offer to help

This is just sad.

PJTV Video - The Conservative Platform of Houston's First Openly Gay Mayor

Good to know - Cars least likely to get you ticketed.

E-Verify Becoming Standard Practice

A Woman's World

Freedom of Religious Speech Returns to the Sidewalks of New Hampshire

Junk Science/Environmentalism Corruption 12-17

Climategate goes SERIAL: now the Russians confirm that UK climate scientists manipulated data to exaggerate global warming

Climategate Scandal Grows: Russians Confirm Climate Data Manipulated

Faster and Faster, the Dominos Fall With the revelation about the cherrypicked Russian stations (plus six other freshly, independently discovered problems), the real story of how we got here just took a shape.

VIDEO PROOF– The Associated Press Just Lied For Al Gore

Sen. Inhofe (R) In Lion’s Den in Copenhagen

PJTV - Chaos in Copenhagen: Violence in the Street at the Climate Conference

'This Is Their Hajj'

Clinton: U.S. ready to join $100B climate aid fund

How Green Hysteria Got Me a Golf Cart

PJTV - Green is the New Red: Crackpots in Copenhagen

After Failure, Warmists Will Change Hats And Move On

The Haze of Copenhagen

Disputed Science Can Lead to Disastrous Decisions in Copenhagen

UN: Human Life Threatens Climate!

PJTV - Comical Climate Conference in Copenhagen

Challenging science dogma. As with evolution, the 'consensus' on climate change has become an ideology.

So Many Despots, So Little Time!

Five Green Commandments

ClimateGate and the Cost of Blurring Science and Politics

Soros Wants IMF To Subsidize His Green Investments

Palin to Arnold: How’s that green economy working for California, pal?

European Carbon Credit Trading System Plagued by Fraud

Copenhagen Flash: U.S. Commits Unprecedented Billions, Worse to Follow

PJTV - Climate of Greed: Getting Rich With Doom & Gloom

Hide the Decline - Why government-funded scientists should release their documents

Can the Climate Conference Avoid Diplomatic Doom?

Science, Smoking, Healthcare, All Prove Gov’t Can’t be Trusted

Why America Hates Universal Health Care: The Real Reason

ClimateGate Just Got Much, Much Bigger

And Just Like That, the Warming’s Gone


US Deal In Copenhagen Wrong For Our Country

The Wisdom of Crowds, Sarah Palin and Climategate

Why are Republicans in Copenhagen?

The Snows of Kilimancrazy

U.S. pledges billions; China says climate pact is doubtful

Oh for Pete's Sake! Santa promotes obesity and drink-driving, claims health expert AND Christmas Cookie Liability: The Santa Claus Clause

The Climate Change Fund as the New Millennium Development Goals?

In Economic Woes 12-17

U.S. National Debt Tops Debt Limit

Dumbest Moments in Business 2009

Soros Wants IMF To Subsidize His Green Investments

Fidelity: Generation Y Saving More and Spending Less…

PJTV Video - Keynesian Catastrophe: Big Money, Big Government & Big Lies

Report: Stimulus funds not targeted to states that need jobs

US Deal In Copenhagen Wrong For Our Country

Stimulus Spending Data for Your Town

Myth Continues Concerning Hawaii's Unemployment Rate

The problem's not the banks. It's Obama.

New jobless claims rise unexpectedly AND Jobless Claims Jump Up

Let’s Be Frank, Mr. Vice President: The Stimulus Failed

Obama vs. the Banks. Why make risky loans when you can exploit the Fed-Treasury interest rate spread?

Memo to Obama: Scolding Never Works

Insanity, Defined

How Green Hysteria Got Me a Golf Cart

Where Does Too Big to Fail Come From?

The Audacity of Debt

PJTV Video - The Kudzu Curse: A Fight for Free Enterprise (Long but it's Bill Whittle), so it's worth it.)

Is ‘Son of Stimulus’ Just Another Bait and Switch?

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 12-17

(Originally posted by my husband on NRO) Hopenchangen and the Senate

How do you spell “Chutzpah”?

Less Health Care for More Money

PJTV Video - KILL THE BILL: The Code Red Rally

Health-care fight gives Republicans a chance to win

'Thank God' for Gov't-Sponsored Abortion

Health Reform Radicals Are Driving Congressional Democrats Off a Cliff. And taking us all with them.

Single-payer health care plan dies in Senate

Completely Reckless, Completely Irresponsible

SEIU Isn't Supporting Obamacare Anymore?!? - Union pulls back on supporting bill

Obama faces healthcare insurrection from left flank

Joe Still Can't Get No Respect

DeMint promises to delay health bill, force Christmas Eve vote

Amid Rumbling Discontent, Dems Head for the Exits

Nelson Could Support Filibuster of Senate Health Care Bill, Spokesman Says

Holdout Sen. Nelson rejects abortion compromise

Vapor Agreement

Socialized Medicine, and "Just War"

Straight talk from Dean on Obamacare

Patient-Dumping, Care-Denying Kaiser Permanente to Administer Buy-In Medicare Plan?

Casey Wrestles with the Full Nelson

"Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it."

Health-care bill wouldn't bring real reform

Why the Health Care Polls Are Tanking, Part XVIII:

Another Creative Way To Pretend A Public Mandate Is Constitutional

The Senate Healthcare Bill: Throw It Up On A Wall And See If It Sticks

Success on health reform holds risks for Democrats

The Sticky Mess That Is Obamacare

ObamaCare: Does It Cover 'Stupidity'?

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Weighs in on the Senate Health-Care Bill

Scare Tactics: Obama Says USA Will ‘Go Bankrupt’ if Senate Bill Not Passed

No ho, ho spirit at 'Harry Christmas' time

ObamaCare’s HSA Promise – and Peril

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Weighs in on the Senate Health-Care Bill

Corruption Daily Round-Up 12-17

Walpin-gate may snag Mrs. Obama. Skullduggery alleged in White House dismissal of inspector general


12 National Orgs Co-Sign Letter to Congress; Demand Kevin Jennings Be Fired

Republican lawmaker renews call for Obama to fire the 'safe schools' czar

Fistgate VIII: Safe School’s Czar Jennings’ Org Promoted Book Detailing Gay Sex Between First Graders

Fistgate IX: Kevin Jennings’ Suggested Reading Included Porn Books for Kids With Images of Men Having Sex While Boy Scouts Watch; Media Silent

Fistgate X: Kevin Jennings’ Suggested Reading For Kids Included Sick Book That Romanticized Rape of a 13 Year-Old – Media Silent

Dear Media Matters: Keep Your Dirty Hands Off the Gay Community – And Our Kids


GAO to Investigate ACORN

AND GAO to Investigate ACORN's Use of Federal Funds

AND GAO tells Smith, Issa it will probe ACORN

ACORN, the Working Families Party and Political Corruption, Part I

ACORN, the Working Families Party and Political Corruption: Part 2, Who’s Doing All the Lobbying?

ACORN, the Working Families Party and Political Corruption: Part 3, Who’s Paying the Rent?

Is the WFP's game up?

Unions Out for Blood at the Red Cross – Time for a Hostage Negotiator?

Oof! Greenpeace Pwned

GAO Plans Investigation of ACORN Funds


Fistgate IX: Kevin Jennings’ Suggested Reading Included Porn Books for Kids With Images of Men Having Sex While Boy Scouts Watch; Media Silent

It's Federal 'Fat Cats' Obama Should Go After. The press helped promote President Obama's attacks on "fat cat bankers," while federal employees earn 76 percent more than private sector.

Dear Media Matters: Keep Your Dirty Hands Off the Gay Community – And Our Kids

New York Times All Wet About Drinking Water Crisis


Americans still hate Obama's plan to bring Gitmo prisoners to U.S.

Judicial Hellholes Report Spotlights Problem Civil Justice Jurisdictions

Bernanke’s the Person of the Year, Dean Takes on Health Care, and You Have to Pay Your Mortgage

Our Broken Immigration System – Penalizing Those who Follow the Rules

Most Ridiculous Lawsuit of 2009 Poll

Gifts Under The Tree

Contesting Belmont Abbey College’s Right to be Catholic

Meanwhile, Over at the North Korean Airborne Weapons Bazaar

Obama and the Senate in A Danish Standoff

The above is the title to my husband's article in Science Magazine. His opening paragraph is below...
In attempting to find a new way to approach global warming policy that avoids the problems President Clinton found with Kyoto, President Barack Obama has instead found himself following the same path. It will likely lead to the same effective result: not enough action to satisfy his supporters on the issue, and enough to galvanize the opposition

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Does She Look Tired To You?

She looks tired to me.

An Englishman's Home Is No Longer His Castle

(From my husband's Friend Donal Blaney's website Blaney's Blarney)
The law is an ass - and this Judge is an asshole
Prepare to get very angry indeed. And remember the name John Reddihough - and pray that nobody burgles his home wielding a knife and ties him and his family up.

That awful ordeal was suffered by Munir Hussain, a muslim businessman. No wonder Islamic extremists find such fertile ground in the decadent West. He and his family were burgled, bound and attacked by Waled Salem, a career criminal - until Mr Hussain bravely escaped and meted out justice on Salem with a metal pole and cricket bat. Astonishingly while Salem was yet again spared prison, Mr Hussain was jailed. That's right: the homeowner was jailed while the burglar was spared prison - echoes of Tony Martin anyone? So much for an Englishman's home being his castle. Mr Hussain should have been given a medal, not a prison sentence.

So who is John Reddihough? He is the bewigged moron who sits in his ivory tower dispensing what he evidently sees as justice, despite lacking common sense. This judge does not have the wisdom of King Solomon, he has the wisdom of Stacey Solomon. This sentence needs to be overturned immediately before the law-abiding majority in this country lose faith in the very rule of law that Judge Reddihough professes to want to protect.

Homeowners' rights are simple: if you are on my property uninvited, you have no rights. And, as they say in the US, dead men tell no tales...

Random Round-Up 12-19

(Thank Goodness for Instapundit today)

Oh for Pete's Sake - Unwitting tourists attend White House breakfast

Pittsburgh Tea Party Movement responds to 'code red' alert AND Tea Partiers rally: 'Kill the bill' AND Voters Protest Outside Claire McCaskill’s Office

Health care reform: Pong-mentum!

Climategate: Something’s Rotten in Denmark … and East Anglia, Asheville, and New York City AND The inconvenient truth about malaria

No Justice - Justice Department restrains lawyers in Panther probe

Top Three Videos - IWV Health Care Video Contest Entries

Heck of A Job, Barack

Ship of Fools or Boat of Idiots?

(By my husband - and yes, I am totally riding his coattails today)
Our friends at CFACT had some fun with the rainbow warriors of Greenpeace yesterday while waiting for something to happen at Hopenchangen. In the hallowed halls of the negotiating chambers, meanwhile, it looks like America is the fall guy again. So unless President Obama flies in and rebukes his own staff for standing up for American interests, which I wouldn't rule out, there's little chance of a substantive agreement. Of course, there will be an "historic agreement," probably an agreement to discuss this all again next year, and the president will have a piece of paper in his hands when he returns, but it's highly unlikely to be even a roadmap to Kyoto II.

Oh, and it's interesting, is it not, that Senate staff have to go to greenie groups to find out what's going on. Never let it be said that NGOs don't have a privileged position with the U.N., even if poor old Friends of the Earth have found that most of their passes have been cancelled.

You Too Can Cash In on Global-Warming Alarmism

(posted by my husband on NRO)

Come and See the Violence Inherent in the System!

(By my husband)
Filmmaker Phelim McAleer, who is asking the awkward questions in Copenhagen, was just assaulted live on screen on Neil Cavuto's show on Fox. He shrugged it off, saying he's seen worse in Belfast on a Saturday night.

Phelim is the maker of Not Evil, Just Wrong.

Sorry. Sorry. Sorry

Christmas is catching up to me despite my running ever faster.

I will try to do more round-ups soon.

In the meantime, check out this (with links) from - ClimateGate Just Got Much, Much Bigger

Monday, December 14, 2009

Code Red Obamacare Protest 12/15/09

From Code Red here.
December 15th, 2009 on Capitol Hill
The fight is on in the U.S. Senate over the future of your health care and the proper role of government. Senator Reid only needs 3 more VOTES to make government-run health care a reality in America.

If that happens, brace yourself for:
■Roughly $500 billion in tax INCREASES
■Mandates forcing you into government insurance
■$464 billion in Medicare CUTS
■Higher Insurance Premiums
■A cost of $2.5 Trillion that just might break the Treasury.
We can’t let Washington come between you or your child and your doctor! YOU CAN HELP STOP HARRY REID. Join us in Washington DC on December 15 to tell Washington to keep their hands off our health care.

What: Senate Emergency Rally
When: December 15th, at 1:30pm ET
Where: Upper Senate Park, on Constitution Ave. between New Jersey and Delaware St. NE

We are adding more speakers every day. Our confirmed speakers are:
■Senator Tom Coburn
■Senator Jim DeMint
■Laura Ingraham
■Rick Scott, Chairman, Conservatives for Patients Rights
Following the Rally we will help you find your Senators office so you can tell Congress what you think.

You don’t need to register unless you would like to ride a bus sponsored by our coalition members. However, it would help helpful if you let us know you’re coming so we know to expect you. This is truly a grassroots effort so many of our busses are asking for an affordable transportation contribution. We will provide lunch on the busses.

Stand up for health care freedom in a way your senators will never forget. This may be our last stand against the Democrats misguided health care agenda.

Can't make it Washington? Click here to make your voice heard in your district office.
Visit website for registration form.

Political Corruption 12-14

Did AmeriCorps official lie about possible First Lady link to IG firing?

Will there ever be justice in Holder's DoJ? Black Panther battle intensifies. Is the Justice Department against civil rights?

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid of Obama's Latest Big Brother Plan. Why the White House and Democrats' plans to expand the Office of Personnel Management should scare all Americans.

ZoNation from PJTV - Dennis and the Menaces: How Kucinich and Liberals Sabotage the War Effort

Can't Hide the Decline: Obama Hits New Polling Lows

Fifty-five percent (55%) now disapprove. Of Obama.

Conservatives replaced Bachus in the lead on regulatory overhaul

2010: Demoralized Dems, selectively suicidal

And this is a bad thing, why? - Biden: Dodd 'getting the living hell beat out of him' in quest for re-election

How Low Can He Go

Polls show Dems might lose Obama, Biden Senate seats

Rep. Gordon is fourth Dem retirement

A Time of Universal Deceit

Obama Awards Himself A B Plus. Given his poll numbers of 45% approval (and grading on a curve where his 70%+ polls are an A), I'd say Obama's grade is more of a D-, than a B+.

Obama goes from dazzle to drone

Number-two Senate Democrat 'in the dark' about health care bill

Harry Reid and Slavery

Obama Isn’t a Champion for Immigration Reform. For which I have to say, "Good!"

The Left, From Progressive to Oppressive

It's Not Just the Obamas Going to Hawaii This December
Akaka would be an unconstitutional, race-based mistake. It shouldn't pass. And it really shouldn't be snuck in as Christmas gift to Daniel Akaka.

Junk Science/Environmentalism Corruption 12-14

'Mad Mathesis'
What is the link between Climategate and the financial crisis? Martin Hutchinson will clue you in at the Prudent Bear.

ClimateGate: This Can’t Help

The Crazy Stuff I Saw In Copenhagen

Watch Lord Monckton dismantle this Greenpeace cow!

I (heart) Stephen Green - Week in Blogs: Waiting to Exhale: The EPA Cracks Down on Carbon

Shakedown Lull

PJTV (AlfonZo Rachel rocks!) - Milli Vanilli, Blame It On The Pagans: The New Green Religion

Global Warming: They Will Never Be Convinced They don't need to be convinced. This isn't about saving the earth, its about building power and control.

Climate change emails row deepens as Russians admit they DID come from their Siberian server

Art Horn: Climategate in the Classroom? The longtime meteorologist and public speaker came out as a climate skeptic and is now getting blackballed. From public schools.

Inhofe, Markey spar over White House agenda at Copenhagen climate summit

PJTV - Sen. James Inhofe: President Obama, Climate Scientists & the U.N. Are Attacking Our Sovereignty

Meet Stephen McIntyre: Amateur Runs Rings Around Climate ‘Professionals’

Climategate: ‘Hello,’ the UN Secretary General Lied (Thomas Friedman, Too)

Copenhagen Meltdown or Strategic Victory?

The Global Warming Campaign Issue, There for the Taking

PJTV - Hollow Men: Climategate Reveals Our Fascination with Empty Idols

Climate Change: Time to Calm Down

Developing Countries Block U.N. Climate Talks

Cantwell-Collins climate bill attracts new supporters, loses others

PJTV - Science & Climategate: Copenhagen's Shadow Conference

But you have to believe global warming is real...
A snowy dusting in Victoria's summer

Winter weather increases dolphin, turtle strandings

Canada freezes as snow storm strands thousands

In Economic Woes 12-14

Say Goodbye To Your Paycheck - Senate sends $1.1 trillion spending bill to Obama AND Highlights of spending bill for federal agencies

So much for a new era of transparency - FDIC sends a big F-U: completely blacked out documents in response to WaMu takeover freedom of information requests

Too Big Not To Fail- I've been saying this for months now.

Government salaries soar in bad times

Is America a Deer in the Headlights?

Citicorp to repay $20 billion bailout to taxpayers; Treasury selling its shares

Mankiw: Tax Cuts Work 2x Better Than Government Spending to Cure Recession

From PJTV - 2009: The Year in Bailouts

Copenhagen could 'destroy millions of American jobs'

Are Federal Employees Overpaid?

Kill these job-killers

PJTV - Hey Buddy, Need a Job? Who Do You Trust To Create Jobs: The Government or the Private Sector?

Obama Slams 'Fat Cat' Bankers on Eve of Meeting

Democrats plan nearly $2 trillion debt limit hike

Conservatives replaced Bachus in the lead on regulatory overhaul

PJTV - Follow the Money ... All the Way to Obama's Second (Secret) Stimulus Plan

'Recovery' stats don't add up.

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 12-12

Code Red Protest! December 15th, 2009 on Capitol Hill

Mystery Meat Health Care Reform. No one knows exactly what's in it, but it doesn't smell good

An Early Christmas Present, Brought to You By The Hill

Go Joe Go! Lieberman Rules Out Voting for Health Bill

Oops! Turns out Obama's cost-cutting health plan won't save a dime; cheaper to do nothing

Congress's Long-Term Care Bomb. Another new entitlement that will make future costs explode.

Most Outrageous Remarks in Health Care Debate (Slide Show)

Pong, You're Dead: The Dems' Secret Weapon

Numbers Not Adding Up for Senate Democrats on Health Care Reform

So much for live long and prosper - Study: Greater life expectancy by 2050 a 'dramatic negative'

Number-two Senate Democrat 'in the dark' about health care bill

A savings mirage on health care

Go Joe Go! Lieberman Says He Will Vote Against Health Bill if Medicare Expansion Remains AND Lieberman resists Medicare buy-in plan AND Lieberman and Nelson: Public option compromise still not good enough

A Slow Erosion?

McCaskill a No Vote if Health Care Bill Doesn't Save Money AND McCaskill says CBO score will determine her vote on Reid's new healthcare bill

PJTV - Obama's Own Agency Exposes the Health Care Nightmare (He gets to it at around the 1:20 mark)

Corruption Daily Round-Up 12-14

Jennings MUST GO! Fistgate VII: Explosive… After Years of Silence Massachusetts Teacher Speaks Out About What She Saw at Fistgate (Audio)

Kevin Jennings: Teaching Your Kids to Live the Porn Life

A round-up of nauseating Jennings reports from Merry Fist-mas Media Matters… No, We’re Not Finished Yet

Kevin Jennings and “FistGate” Should Make Parents Furious


Interesting thought:
Who Said It? [Jonah Goldberg]
Quick bleg: Anyone know who said something to the effect of: Societies thrive when the lower classes try to emulate the upper classes and decay when the upper classes try to emulate the lower classes. I think it was some famous British historian, but for the life of me I can't remember who.

Update: Toynbee it is!

A Terrorist in the Heart of America

Prisons of Our Own Making

Iran: Europe is tougher than Bam


I like men - why do people have to bash on them? Obama Joins the Male-Bashing Brigade

Takes one to know one. Al Qaeda's Zawahiri Accuses Obama of Trying to 'Enslave' Arab World


What Astroturf Looks Like

ACORN’s Federal Lobbying Shenanigans

Leaked SEIU Card Check Cheat Sheet

Activist Brooklyn Judge Delivers for ACORN, Re-funds Group


Simply Vile - British Media Ramp Up the Jew-Baiting

Media Matters Defends Kid Fisting Lectures and Children Sex Books as Non-Scandal

An Obituary for Obituaries

Going Rogue 11, Climategate 5

Charles Jaco Threatens Blogosphere Over CNN Video?


Go Sarah Go! Palin's Turning Point

Manhattan Declaration Reveals Mainstream Values

Generosity with purpose

Why "Merry Christmas" Matters to America

Supreme Court Rejects Appeal by Guantanamo Detainees Who Sued Rumsfeld