Thursday, December 17, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 12-17

(Originally posted by my husband on NRO) Hopenchangen and the Senate

How do you spell “Chutzpah”?

Less Health Care for More Money

PJTV Video - KILL THE BILL: The Code Red Rally

Health-care fight gives Republicans a chance to win

'Thank God' for Gov't-Sponsored Abortion

Health Reform Radicals Are Driving Congressional Democrats Off a Cliff. And taking us all with them.

Single-payer health care plan dies in Senate

Completely Reckless, Completely Irresponsible

SEIU Isn't Supporting Obamacare Anymore?!? - Union pulls back on supporting bill

Obama faces healthcare insurrection from left flank

Joe Still Can't Get No Respect

DeMint promises to delay health bill, force Christmas Eve vote

Amid Rumbling Discontent, Dems Head for the Exits

Nelson Could Support Filibuster of Senate Health Care Bill, Spokesman Says

Holdout Sen. Nelson rejects abortion compromise

Vapor Agreement

Socialized Medicine, and "Just War"

Straight talk from Dean on Obamacare

Patient-Dumping, Care-Denying Kaiser Permanente to Administer Buy-In Medicare Plan?

Casey Wrestles with the Full Nelson

"Be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it."

Health-care bill wouldn't bring real reform

Why the Health Care Polls Are Tanking, Part XVIII:

Another Creative Way To Pretend A Public Mandate Is Constitutional

The Senate Healthcare Bill: Throw It Up On A Wall And See If It Sticks

Success on health reform holds risks for Democrats

The Sticky Mess That Is Obamacare

ObamaCare: Does It Cover 'Stupidity'?

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Weighs in on the Senate Health-Care Bill

Scare Tactics: Obama Says USA Will ‘Go Bankrupt’ if Senate Bill Not Passed

No ho, ho spirit at 'Harry Christmas' time

ObamaCare’s HSA Promise – and Peril

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights Weighs in on the Senate Health-Care Bill

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