Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ship of Fools or Boat of Idiots?

(By my husband - and yes, I am totally riding his coattails today)
Our friends at CFACT had some fun with the rainbow warriors of Greenpeace yesterday while waiting for something to happen at Hopenchangen. In the hallowed halls of the negotiating chambers, meanwhile, it looks like America is the fall guy again. So unless President Obama flies in and rebukes his own staff for standing up for American interests, which I wouldn't rule out, there's little chance of a substantive agreement. Of course, there will be an "historic agreement," probably an agreement to discuss this all again next year, and the president will have a piece of paper in his hands when he returns, but it's highly unlikely to be even a roadmap to Kyoto II.

Oh, and it's interesting, is it not, that Senate staff have to go to greenie groups to find out what's going on. Never let it be said that NGOs don't have a privileged position with the U.N., even if poor old Friends of the Earth have found that most of their passes have been cancelled.

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