Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An Englishman's Home Is No Longer His Castle

(From my husband's Friend Donal Blaney's website Blaney's Blarney)
The law is an ass - and this Judge is an asshole
Prepare to get very angry indeed. And remember the name John Reddihough - and pray that nobody burgles his home wielding a knife and ties him and his family up.

That awful ordeal was suffered by Munir Hussain, a muslim businessman. No wonder Islamic extremists find such fertile ground in the decadent West. He and his family were burgled, bound and attacked by Waled Salem, a career criminal - until Mr Hussain bravely escaped and meted out justice on Salem with a metal pole and cricket bat. Astonishingly while Salem was yet again spared prison, Mr Hussain was jailed. That's right: the homeowner was jailed while the burglar was spared prison - echoes of Tony Martin anyone? So much for an Englishman's home being his castle. Mr Hussain should have been given a medal, not a prison sentence.

So who is John Reddihough? He is the bewigged moron who sits in his ivory tower dispensing what he evidently sees as justice, despite lacking common sense. This judge does not have the wisdom of King Solomon, he has the wisdom of Stacey Solomon. This sentence needs to be overturned immediately before the law-abiding majority in this country lose faith in the very rule of law that Judge Reddihough professes to want to protect.

Homeowners' rights are simple: if you are on my property uninvited, you have no rights. And, as they say in the US, dead men tell no tales...

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