Friday, February 25, 2011

Best. Proposal. Ever!

Except for mine (of course).

Fox 8 Cameras Roll During Surprise Proposal

Daily Round-Up 02-25


The Old Order Is Breaking Down

Groups officially begin recall process for seven lawmakers

Sweet: Illinois Republican wants fugitive Wisconsin Dems to pay state income tax

The Libertarian Origins of the Republican Party


Pigford Files: What Is the John Boyd Institute?

Liberals Make a Bad Investment of Time

Kids for Cash judge Ciavarella called scumbag by grieving mom

Why liberals are reactionaries – part 4006

It's not the 1990s, shut it down and see if we miss you much at all. Federal shutdown: Social Security checks won’t stop

Why the GOP shouldn't fear a government shutdown AND Why a U.S. government shutdown is worth it

Smash the ROTC ‘Roadblock.’


No Retreat, No Surrender

The Untold Story of Scott Walker’s Long History with Labor

National bloggers’ group intervenes in copyright lawsuit campaign

Conservative All-Star Team: Meet the 47 Congressmen Who Voted for Every Spending Cut


President Obama Job Approval

The Non-Defense of DOMA
Liberals: If you think declining to defend DOMA is the right decision, how will you feel when a Republican administration declines to defend in a school prayer case? Or an abortion case? Or on Obamacare itself?

There are two very, very distinct issues here. One concerns gays and lesbians. The other concerns the proper relationship among the three branches of the federal government. One is about policy; the other is about procedure. Deciding a procedural question based on what it means for a one-time policy outcome is just bad governance. The questions we should be asking are -- How much power would this really give the president? Is this a particularly new power? (Arguably it's not.) And in any case, are we comfortable with the president having it, even if he or she has radically different views about policy?
Read the whole thing.

The Non-Defender in Chief

Throwing in the Towel on the Constitution

O's marriage move: All about the votes

Presidents and Constitutionality: Thinking Through the DOMA Decision

On Presidents and Constitutionality

Groups officially begin recall process for seven lawmakers

I guess this means Mitt doesn't plan on running for president, ever. Mitt Romney: Proud of Massachusetts health care law

Union Power for Thee, But Not for Me If the president is so upset with Wisconsin's labor law reforms, why won't he allow federal workers to bargain collectively?

Hey guys, thanks to computers and the internet, the "memory hole" is getting shallower every year. Keep up. Hey, What Happened To That Maxine Waters Ethics Trial? The Ethics Committee is in disarray, with an equal number of Democrats and Republicans represented and the Democrats having internecine battles.

The Internet Helps Us Get Serious Rhetoric's renaissance may lead us out of the current crisis.

Homeland Security Reneges on Promise to Court to Release Illegal Alien Memo

What is the Obama Doctrine?


U.S. Consumers Feel the Pinch of Surging Oil Prices

Obama pushes multibillion-dollar mortgage pact: report. One guess as to who pays for it.

And you guess it, they've got their hands out for more taxpayer money too. Freddie Mac posts $1.7B loss for Q4 AND Fannie, Freddie narrow losses but seek more aid

The Impact of Spending Cuts on the Economy

Cash deals raise January sales of existing homes, report says
Moms Know What Ben Bernanke Doesn't: Inflation Is Here

Has MERS Captured the Government?

One Chart that Tells You Everything You Need to Know about State and Local Government Pay

How Can We Know What Public-Sector Wages Should Be?

CNN: GM's Sweetheart Tax Deal

New residential sales sink 12.6% from December, 18.6% from previous January

Private Business Net Investment Remains in a Deep Ditch

GOP Leaders: Don’t Blame Us If Gov’t Shuts Down



Bill Clinton's Corn Sense The former President connects ethanol to rising food prices.

New Soros investment fund, profiting off Obama's 'green energy' push, hires top Obama energy aide

Drilling for an Oil Crisis


The Badger Herald writes about last night's teach-in on the Wisconsin budget bill and completely misrepresents what Prof. Donald Downs said. Video proof here.

Hate-A-Rama: The Vulgar, Sexist, Racist, Homophobic Rage of the Left It is not the tea partiers who lack civility.

Networks Skip Democratic Congressman's Call for Union Protesters to 'Get a Little Bloody'

Harsanyi: Paul Krugman's Third World fantasy

Left-wing legal group snookers Ezra Klein on Voter ID

Left-wing front group doesn't like public employee study

No Word From Eric Lipton

How the "media" covers recent events

Wisconsin Unions vs. The Tea Party: A Classic Double Standard

Useful Idiots, Then and Now


Why Public-Employee-Bargaining Laws Must Be Reformed

Tabitha Hale talks about being assaulted by a hostile union goon

Government Unions Play Key Role in Shutdown Fight

FLASHBACK: Teachers Union Bigshot – Not About Kids, It’s About Power

Union Power for Thee, But Not for Me If the president is so upset with Wisconsin's labor law reforms, why won't he allow federal workers to bargain collectively?

Left-wing front group doesn't like public employee study

'Take 'Em Down' Would Saul Alinsky approve of the SEIU's new anthem?.

One Chart that Tells You Everything You Need to Know about State and Local Government Pay

How Can We Know What Public-Sector Wages Should Be?

Labor brute force rules

Hate-A-Rama: The Vulgar, Sexist, Racist, Homophobic Rage of the Left It is not the tea partiers who lack civility.

Isn't he backpedaling from the unions now that he's seen the poll numbers? Obama: ‘I’ll Join Union Picket Lines’

MORE UNION THUGGERY: GOP Candidate Marty Lamb Knocked to Ground by Union Thugs

AFSCME Thinly-Veiled Threat Against Scott Walker? Look around the 2:00 mark

"And if Scott Walker gets in our way, we're gonna roll right over him," yells a protester in the Wisconsin Capitol on Thursday.

What Collective Bargaining Gets You aims to stir liberal rage against The Washington Post’s Kaplan University


New York Deserves Better

The CDC’s Abortion Numbers Are Out

Are You Kidding Me?

Rick Santorum, Mad White Man?


Big mistake. Huge. Semper Vigilans: GOP Speaker Picks a Fight with the Tea Party

Racism and Incivility Aimed at Tea Party in Denver

Hate-A-Rama: The Vulgar, Sexist, Racist, Homophobic Rage of the Left It is not the tea partiers who lack civility.

I have two responses to this: 1) Big deal, it worked so well with the "coffee party". And 2) Bring it. And we'll bring the video cameras to catch your thuggery on tape. Enjoy. Liberals to stage Tea Party-like revolts against Republican spending cuts

In Wisconsin's long shadow, unions and tea partyers face off across US. Police have separated union activists and tea party supporters in Atlanta, Denver, Des Moines, and Columbus, as tensions rise over a Wisconsin push to curtail collective bargaining.

Providence School Board Approves Plan To Send Layoff Notices To All Teachers

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Daily Round-Up 02-24

In Last 24 Hours Dem Protesters Have Assaulted a Young Woman, Tortured a Camel, Called Opponents “Bad Jews” & Attacked Gay Black Tea Partier… They Must Be Very Proud


U.S. Leads in Nobels, Trails in Alleyway Sex

Video of US Ambassador Jon Huntsman at "Jasmine Revolution" protests in Beijing hits the Chinese interwebs

Arizona Bill Would Void Foreclosures Without Full Title History

Indiana Education Reformers Take Action

Republicans prepared to 'pull the plug' on Obama housing relief

More Than 60 Arrested in Nationwide Mexican Drug Gang Sweep

Wisconsin Assembly Charges Toward Vote on Budget Bill, Senate Remains Stuck

Wisconsin Gov. Walker is winning

Ring Allegedly Sold Fake IDs to Illegal Immigrants in 11 States


Planned Parenthood Poised to Take a Very Hard Fall -- And It Should

The Pro-Life Movement Is Effective


He says that like its a bad thing - So this is the Tea Party's endgame. No government Actually, it's yet another leftie willfully "misunderstanding" the TEA Party's goals.

Sadly - Egyptian Protest Is No Tea Party

General Bad Behavior 02-24

Saudi man charged with plotting terrorist attack. In the US, in Texas, on President Bush.

Gaddafi: Barakeh Obama is friend. Libyan leader praises US president: 'He is of Muslim descent, his policy should be supported, as he now leans towards peace'

So the man who is bombing his own people and ordering mercenaries to fire upon peaceful protesters has a seet at the UNs HR group?!? No Threat Seen to Libya’s Seat on Top U.N. Human Rights Body

Whatever Happened to 'Responsibility to Protect'?

Useless U.N.: Another joke

Wow! China's Secret Weakness

As the leaders see it, a plague of human rats in the capital

Judges need to be more assertive in defending our freedoms

The Left's Endless Culture War

The Left's War on the Kochs

Twitter Users Wish Walker Dead.

Frank Bailey’s Betrayal of Sarah Palin

Democrats, GOP dig in their heels as march to shutdown continues

In Last 24 Hours Dem Protesters Have Assaulted a Young Woman, Tortured a Camel, Called Opponents “Bad Jews” & Attacked Gay Black Tea Partier… They Must Be Very Proud

An Ethics Lesson for Wisconsin Doctors Writing Fake Sick Notes

And The Good Guys Are.... 02-24

End 'last in, first out' teacher layoffs

House GOP could end copyright lawsuit abuse

Christie v. Malloy But then there's this opinion - Christie falling behind US reform wave

Wis. Republicans press forward on anti-union bill

Indiana Education Reformers Take Action

Gov. Walker’s Strategy

Indiana lawmakers pass immigration curbs like Arizona

Obamacare 02-24

States: Judge clearly meant to halt work on the healthcare law

Unequal Protection to Believe In

Judge Wants End to Work on Obamacare

Leftist Law Professors Flop Sweat on Obamacare

All Your Thoughts Are Belong To U.S. Never, ever, did I imagine that any branch of the US government would equate what we think with what we do. This is terrifying.

Glimpse of our healthcare future? Canadian Family in Life Support Battle Denied Request for Hospital Transfer AND Giving Little Joseph Maraachli a Fighting Chance

D.C. District Court Upholds Obamacare (Update: Full Analysis)

A necessary musical interlude

And A Subsequent Administration Can Decline To Defend ObamaCare

Huckabee: Romney should apologize for health plan So should every member of Congress who voted for Obamacare.

Junk Science 02-24

Clinton: Too much ethanol could lead to food riots

New Hampshire poised to pull out of regional cap and trade system

I had no idea that whitewash was so environmentally-friendly - 'Climategate' report clears scientists

New York City uses Recovery Act funds to poll residents on soda tax

I'd rather rescind than let California piss the money away on solar panels and granola farms. Let's face it, California has tons of off-shore drilling possiblities and all sorts of other means of attaining energy but chooses not to because of their useless and stifling regulations and "green" policies. Why should the rest of America's taxpayers be forced to fund California's lunacy? - Robbing California of energy. The House's decision to rescind about $2 billion in Recovery Act funds and loan authority has jeopardized some $40 billion of private industry investment in clean energy.

In a survey of which regulations most impede the ability to do business, environmental regulation was the greatest concern.

Nearly one-quarter of biologists say they have been affected by animal activists. A Nature poll looks at the impact And let's be clear, by "affected" many mean violently attacked.

The EPA's Latest Unscientific Power Grab

This is good news - Genetic engineering brings cloned crops closer

House Dems call for climate science hearings amid GOP efforts to block EPA climate rules

Government wants admissions from tobacco companies

Panel: Green jobs company endorsed by Obama and Biden squandered $535 million in stimulus money

While some are using this to encourage American drilling,it's mostly the Left that is trading blood for oil - Energy interests use Libyan unrest to push their agendas

DOMA And NObama

The seriousness of this politically-motivated decision can not be overstated. This article below lays it out so clearly, I am copying it in full below.
Defense of Marriage Out, Phony Constitutional Concern In
Wednesday afternoon, Barack Obama trotted out his favorite “document of negative rights,” The U.S. Constitution, and used it to chart a course that will do away with the Defense of Marriage Act. According to the President, the act signed by Bill Clinton is unconstitutional, and he’s ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to stop defending it in court cases. Holder has agreed and will cease defense of the law, which states marriage is between a man and a woman.

There’s so much wrong with this, it’s hard to know where to start.

First and foremost, the President has no right to declare something unconstitutional. You don’t have to be a “community organizer” turned “constitutional scholar” to know this. Heck, anyone who’s seen even five minutes of Schoolhouse Rock is probably aware of the three branches of government. The Judiciary branch is responsible for determining constitutionality, not the Executive. Pronouncing the law unconstitutional, without due process, is a gross overextension of Presidential authority.

Second, both the President and the Attorney General have sworn an oath to uphold the nation’s laws. It’s not their place to determine which ones they view as being worthy of defense of implementation. If the Legislative branch chooses to pass a law doing away with the Defense of Marriage act, that’s their prerogative. The President can sign it as he sees fit. Otherwise, Holder is there to enforce and support the laws as they exist, not as his boss wishes they did. In refusing to defend the law as written, both Obama and Holder are willfully derelict in their duties.

Finally, since when is Obama so concerned with Constitutionality?

His signature health care law has been ruled unconstitutional by two separate federal judges, yet he’s proceeding with its implementation. If, as Obama seems to believe, the government should stop the defense of unconstitutional laws, why isn’t he abandoning his dream of an Obamacare utopia?

Again and again, Obama has stated his view that marriage is between a man and a woman. For a year during his campaign, and for two years of his presidency, he’s done absolutely nothing to suggest that his opinion has changed. Despite constant complaint from gay rights advocacy groups, he has staunchly stuck to his belief that gay marriage was wrong. So what’s changed?

The obvious answer is 2012.

Over the course of the last two years, the President has seen the voting block that elected him in 2008 dwindle. His support among independents has all but vanished, and the good will he enjoyed during the campaign has evaporated completely. As chaos erupts throughout the Middle East, Obama has been weak, confused, and ineffective. As gas prices skyrocket, his approval numbers fall. According to Rasmussen, Only 26% of likely voters believe the United States is on the right track.

Now, all across the country, public sector unions are on their heels. Big labor has finally come under the public microscope, and to chagrin of high level Dems, it looks like they may actually lose their battle. This means the deepest of the deep left wing pockets are in jeopardy. Should the unions finally be broken, Democrats will face an epic financial implosion.

So, in true Obama form, he’s decided to pander. When your allies and re-election hopes are fading away, it’s time to find a new source of votes. If that means throwing away an obvious core belief, so be it.

Obama desperately wants a second term and it’s becoming clear the administration fears it may not get one. His decision to support a group to which he he’s traditionally turned a cold shoulder should serve as proof of how politically bad things really are for the President.

Media Bias 02-24

The News Hounds that didn’t bark Apparently this is because the union thugs who beat up the girl were members of the Communications Workers of America who support the co-thug teacher's union.

I thought she lied to all her viewers - Rachel Maddow Lies to Leno About Republican Campaign Contributions

Minorities are Looking Up, So the Media are Looking Away

Matthews Gives "Free Advertising" To Union Leader: It's "Great" He's An Old SDS Guy

JAMES TARANTO: What They Mean by ‘Civility’: The New York Times raises no objection to murderous, racist rhetoric at a Common Cause rally.

‘Never Again for Anyone’: the Latest Anti-Semitic Campaign. Fueled by propaganda, the campus push is pernicious, contagious, and wrong.

Democrats, Media Keep ‘Birther’ Story Alive

Networks Stand with Wisconsin Unions, Ignore $1-3 Trillion Pension Deficit for Five Days

From Hero to Less Than Zero: New York Times Turns Whistleblowing Patriot Into a Terrorism Booster

Mouthpiece for an inscrutable White House

Google Penalizes Overstock for Search Tactics

Big Union/Leftie Groups 02-24

Follow the Money Who benefits from public-employee unions?

Why Haven’t Public-Sector Unions Swarmed the White House?

UFT spends millions on dinners, parties, parking, coffee as thousands of teachers face layoffs

Public Unions Force Taxpayers to Fund Dems

Who Benefits From Government Unions?

In Last 24 Hours Dem Protesters Have Assaulted a Young Woman, Tortured a Camel, Called Opponents “Bad Jews” & Attacked Gay Black Tea Partier… They Must Be Very Proud

Student protests fizzle at UWSP today

Ummmm - Union Thug: ‘I’ll F#*k You in the Ass, You Faggot’ Gets violent at 7:38 mark

Van Jones Calls for Union Marches on All 50 State Capitols

Update on Union Battles in Wisconsin, and Mitch Daniels’ Bad Example

Government’s Broken Promises

Will TSA Unionization Jeopardize Air Safety? From FDR to Reagan, history suggests the answer is yes

The Real Way to Express Solidarity with Union Workers in Wisconsin – Let Them Choose

Ochlocracy And The Menace Of Government Unions

Lessons From Wisconsin: No Wonder the Founding Fathers Equated Democracy with Mob Rule

Madison on Wisconsin: What Would the Founder Think? James Madison would shudder at the goings-on in his namesake town.

Public Employee Union Uses Tax Payer Resources to Organize a Political Rally.

Tax Scofflaw, Pro-Union WI Ed. Assoc. (WEAC) Corrupt?

Capuano ‘bloody’ comment becomes flashpoint in union flap

GETTING “A LITTLE BLOODY:” Video: CWA union thug strikes young female FreedomWorks activist. The activist is Tabitha Hale, whom Helen interviewed at SmartGirlPolitics a couple of years ago. And you’d think someone from the Communications Workers’ union would know better than to strike someone with a camera. But take a look at the video and you’ll see the angry, yet impotent face of today’s labor movement — right before the punch.
Video is below and at links.
Union thug assaults Tabitha Hale AND ‘Get a Little Bloody’: Freedom Works Employee Assaulted by Union Thug AND Union Thug Attacks FreedomWorks’ Tabitha Hale

More Hate From Union Thug Protesters: ‘You’re a Bad Jew’

Government vs. Private Employee Compensations

Bursting The Lower Education Bubble. What is going on in Wisconsin is the bursting of the lower education bubble. You heard it here first. To understand what Ms. Althouse means, go here.

Look for the Union Fable

Obama Sits Out State Fights

Wisconsin Capitol Converted Into Hippie/Socialist Commune

Wisconsin’s teachers required to teach kids labor union and collective bargaining history

How Public Employees and Taxpayers Got Scammed

Union Unrest in Idaho

The Public Worker Gravy Train Many government employees are paid up to 30% more than those in the private sector.

The Left's War on the Kochs

Bad Politician Bad 02-24

President Obama Job Approval

Obama's Poll Numbers Plunge as Revolt Against Unions Spreads

The Imperial Presidency

Abusing the Voting Rights Act Thanks to the Obama Justice Department, redistricting may touch off contentious court battles over the rule of law.

Base Jumping

Obama's WTF Tour: Cleveland is Home to "industries of tomorrow"!

Defense of Marriage Out, Phony Constitutional Concern In

Obama Bows Out on the Defense of Marriage Act

More on DOMA

AND here's to hoping - And A Subsequent Administration Can Decline To Defend ObamaCare

Chicago’s One-Party Dictatorship Chooses New Leader. Rahm Emanuel was elevated to the position of Chicago's 46th mayor. Calling the process an "election" is an insult to republican principles.

House Republicans to Offer Short-term CR, $4 Billion in Cuts
Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring responds: “I’m not sure how Senator Reid rejected spending cuts that he hasn’t seen yet, but it certainly reinforces the notion that he is willing to shutdown the government rather than cut one penny in federal spending.”

It's nice to see Obama is taking the nation's finacial crisis seriously -
White House to celebrate Motown with tribute concert

A Democratic congressman urges government employees to take violent action.

Newspapers, GOP call for congressman to resign

The former Bell city manager was in court for a preliminary hearing when paramedics responded. I'm not crying, he was getting nearly $800,000 a year off of lower-middle-class tax-paying workers.

Democrats just don't understand the new populism

A Price on Our Heads

Lobbyists: White House sends meetings off-site to hide them

Harry Reid's illusory $41 billion in budget cuts

Wimps! - Indiana kills 'right-to-work' bill There goes Daniels' chances in 2012. Although this might help.

Wisconsin’s Cowardly Democrats Public employees and Democratic lawmakers haven’t exactly offered conservatives a lesson in civility.

Democrats, Media Keep ‘Birther’ Story Alive

Rep. Jerrold Nadler: CAGW's Porker of the Month for Feb. 2011!

Obama Sits Out State Fights He had no business getting into it in the first place.

Obama's Badger State Blues A union defeat in Wisconsin could hurt the president's re-election bid.

Harry Reid’s prostitution lecture bombs You're trying to outlaw prostitution in Nevada?!? It's like you don't even come from that state.

In Economic Woes 02-24

Obama’s budget chooses gimmicks over reform

After Obama, the Deluge A less eloquent president will have to balance budgets.

Budgeting for Dummies

Republicans Should Take Up ‘Too Big to Fail’

Gallup: 60 percent want spending compromise, not federal shutdown

More Equity, Less Government: Rethinking Bank Regulation

Troubled banks rise to highest level in 18 years. Problem banks made up 12 percent of all federally insured US banks at the end of last year

CBO raises its stimulus cost estimate, again

The Flaws of Schumernomics

An ‘era of Peak Everything’ Commentary: Decade’s top performer is a hard-assets bull

Stagflation Still Regarded as Economy's Dirty Little Secret

Will the sell-off continue?

This Is What a Broke Democracy Looks Like. Wisconsin, Ron Paul, and the obligation to shrink government by any means necessary

Government vs. Private Employee Compensations

Goldman Sees Danger in US Budget Cuts

Panel: Green jobs company endorsed by Obama and Biden squandered $535 million in stimulus money

Harry Reid's illusory $41 billion in budget cuts

Is this bull market almost over, or will it thrive for years?

How The Wave of Middle East Revolts Will Drive The US Into a Deep Economic Crises

Obama's WTF Tour: Cleveland is Home to "industries of tomorrow"!

Social Security and the General Treasury: Who’s Raiding Whom?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 02-23

President Obama Job Approval

D.C., Hawaii Still Most Approving of Obama; All States Decline

Obama’s approval ratings drop more than 10 points in 50-state Gallup poll

Obama's popularity fell in all 50 states in 2010

Poll Shows Battleground States Trending Strongly for GOP on Obama Re-election Issues

Obama, Democrats Sliding in Polls

Oh dear lord NO - Obama recruits an army of community organizers to carry his 'movement forward for years to come'

It is the law that any administration's justice department MUST defend the law of the land in court. Obama Administration Drops Defense of Anti-Gay Marriage Law

Obama and DOMA

DOMA: Politics Trumps Outcome

Obama's strange silence on Libya

Our World: Obama’s devastatingly mixed signals

The Status Quo Presidency. The presidential candidate who ran on hope and change is now governing toward an unsustainable status quo.

Oh goody - 2012 Ad Blitz for Obama Planned

State Dems' Legislative Strategy: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Go AWOL

Obama's agenda faces governors' revolt

On Obama jobs tour, unemployed have little voice

Oregon newspaper calls for Rep. Wu’s resignation

Echoes of Government Shutdowns

Shutting Down the Government

Dems Dare GOP on Federal Shutdown

Well, they like their corruption pure in Chicago - Rahm Emanuel elected next mayor of Chicago AND Why Rahm has raised millions of dollars from out-of-state donors

Democrats: MIA

Thomas Sowell - Voices of Moderation

Dem Rep to unions: Time to get ‘bloody’

Ind. House Speaker Talks Daniels, Missing Democrats

Senate Dems launch 'super PAC'

Why Does Government Suppress Information?

Obama Fights Taxpayer, Backs Union Allies

The standoff in Wisconsin continues, with the aid of President Obama

Daily Round-Up 02-23

GAY BLACK TEA PARTYER Attacked By Racist SEIU Activists at Denver Tea Party (Videos) AND SEIU Protesters Call Gay Black Tea Partier ‘Stupid, Uninformed’ and Ask Him If He Has Any Children He ‘Claims’ (Video)

No Big Deal, But Google May Have Promoted a Contest to Get Kids’ Social Security Numbers [Updated] What ever happened to "Don't Be Evil"? Most likely O'Sullivan's Law.


Marx Is dead Well, most of us knew that already but some on the Left have a bit of trouble catching on.

Man freed by Gov. Chris Christie speaks out about prison life, becoming a libertarian activist

Exhausting the Enemy

Panel backs voter ID; Democrat not allowed to vote by phone

Upping the Pressure on Wisconsin Dems Last night Gov. Scott Walker told reporters that if the budget bill isn't law by Friday he will have to lay off 1,500 state workers.

An interesting solution to rebuild from the ground up, who would have thought it of Rhode Island? - Providence plans to pink slip all teachers

A Bachelor’s Degree for $10K? Yes, We Can. Texas Governor Rick Perry proposed it for his state schools, and it's a perfectly plausible goal.

New Democrat Party Slogans

Antidote to Government-Run Education

Arizona Senate Panel Passes Sweeping Bills Targeting Illegals, Birthright Citizenship

Gangs Kidnapped Over 11,000 Migrants in Mexico, Says Report I would argue that better US border control would have saved these migrants.

Reality-Based Politics

Bill’s Black Swan

Wisconsin lawmakers take up bill to cripple unions The AP says that like its a bad thing.

Texas Rep. Wants to Turn Illegal Immigrants Over to Members of Congress


Libya's Ex-Minister Reportedly Claims Qaddafi Ordered Lockerbie Bombing

No rights for women, no freedom in a nation

Iraqi Immigrant Dad Convicted of 'Honor Killing' Honor killing should be unacceptable everywhere.

China detains citizens who spread call to protest

The Episcopal Church Wages Jihad against Eight Virginia Churches. Will George Washington's historic church end up as a saloon, or a mosque? If the Episcopal Church prevails in court, either outcome is a disturbing possibility.

Feds Seeking Missing National Treasures

Lobbyists labor to get Iranian group taken off of U.S. terror list

Why is this a regulation? - Intern learns the hard way that it’s illegal to recite the Gettysburg Address on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial without a permit

Against Voter Fraud Protests, Worcester Mayor Plays the Race Card. Community organizing strikes again. Also read J. Christian Adams' Tatler post about Neighbor to Neighbor's vote fraud.

Pennsylvania Railroad: In Juvenile Justice Scandal, Money Changed Everything

Video: CAIR Attempts to Confront Allen West, Fails Miserably

Manning Up or Wimping Out: Men Don’t Exist to Serve Women’s Desires. Kay Hymowitz's new book wants the current generation of "child-men" to "man up." But maybe our society shouldn't have spent decades tearing them down.

The real threat to democracy in Wisconsin. Fleeing Democrats have stolen the will of the public and their right to self-governance

Chavez Caught Red-Handed Sending Gasoline to Iran. Documents made available to Pajamas Media prove that the Venezuelan strongman has been selling reformate to Iran

Annals of Zero Tolerance

Revisiting the Value of Elite Colleges AND European Universities Are Urged to Seek Other Revenue as Public Support Flags

Upping the Pressure on Wisconsin Dems Last night Gov. Scott Walker told reporters that if the budget bill isn't law by Friday he will have to lay off 1,500 state workers.

Robert Heinlein’s Experience with Political Ignorance

Democracy Versus Liberty

And The Good Guys Are.... 02-23

Shunning top-down approach, Boehner’s shrug and smile are tools of revolution

Malaysian PM: Muslim Brotherhood Must Renounce Violence or Be Left Out

Arizona Senate panel OKs illegal immigration bill AND AZ Legislature Seeks to Defend AZ Immigration Law

Rep. Michele Bachman on Pigford, Fairness, and Her Family

Governor Walker's Fireside Chat

Saving Our Nation from Debt: An Open Letter from Rep. Jim Jordan. We still have a chance to kick the spending addiction and keep the American Dream alive.

In challenge to Senate, House GOP drafting spending bill with cuts

Libertarians rallying youth early in 2011 at D.C. conferences

Walker on Fake Sick Leave: State Employees Will be Terminated, Doctors Will Be Investigated

Putting Mitch Daniels and the Right-to-Work Fracas in Context

Wisconsin senate committee passes new rule: Senators must collect their paychecks in person

In Economic Woes 02-23

For the record - George Washington Was a Brilliant Entrepreneur

$4 Gasoline? Definitely in California, but Maybe Not for Everyone Else

Government pensions, an obesity epidemic

The Stimulus, Not Oil Prices, Is Hammering Consumers

Habits of Credit Bubble Make a Comeback

The Limitations of Public-Private Partnerships

Fed's Hoenig: Big banks too risky, must be broken up

How the GOP Can Win the Budget Battle Democrats will bewail every domestic program cut. Can Republicans convince the public we can't afford to play this game any longer?

The End of Free Checking

Congress Struggles to Avert Shutdown as Parties Disagree on Spending Cuts

When Pretending Fails to Hide Bankruptcy

Alcohol Regulation Roundup: February 23, 2011

Rep. Budget Cuts to Tame Monster Deficit

The Federal Reserve Is Causing Turmoil Abroad Few protesters in the Middle East connect rising food prices to U.S. monetary policy. But central bankers do.

Biofueling an Egyptian Uprising

Thousands protest against high food prices in Delhi

A hard habit to quit

Social Security and the Budget Mess

On Cutting Federal Funding for NPR

Home Price Declines Continue

Housing Could Sink Recovery, Squash Obama

The Myth of Corporate Cash Hoarding Companies hire more workers when there's income to pay them. They don't liquidate financial assets

Oil Shock

North African Turmoil Could Rocket Crude to $220

It's Time for Washington to Get Serious About Job Creation

Obama praises Cleveland as the 'tech belt' Our economy is in the best of hands.

Stagflation Will Follow Fed’s Inflation

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey lays out tight budget

Oil climbs above $110 on Libya unrest

$4 Gas? How about $5 a gallon?

Obama is a Liar After All!

Madoff trustee hits SEC's top attorney with suit

We must support politicians who cut spending

Obamacare 02-23

A terrible glimpse of our future? Canadian Family Fights to Keep Boy's Breathing Tube in Place

ObamaCare Is Already Damaging Health Care Many of its changes don't kick in until 2014. But the law is forcing dramatic consolidation and reducing choice in the industry.

Another glimpse of our future - HHS uses Recovery Act money to fund New York City’s anti-obesity campaign

Single payer fan ‘fesses up

Dismantling ObamaCare

Judicial Watch Gets Hillarycare Docs…After 5-Year Legal Battle

House on tap to repeal 1099 healthcare provision next week

Unions and Medicaid

Obamacare for thee, but not for me. Wisconsin Union’s Insurance Scam at Stake in Collective Bargaining Reform AND Insurance Scam Driving Wisconsin Union Debate

Federal judge rules for health care law

Waiting for the "Pro-Choice" Democrats

10th Amendment case heads to Supreme Court