Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 02-22

President Obama Job Approval

Poll Shows Battleground States Trending Strongly for GOP on Obama Re-election Issues

Federal Improper Payments Continue to Increase My favorite part is the spike of improper payments you see starting in 2009. Gee, I wonder why?

Democrats trigger Statehouse showdown It's starting in Indiana with the traditional "Fleeing of the Democrats".

Why not pay them a visit? Wisconsin TV station breaks embargo; publishes location of missing “Badger 14″ senators

Federal Improper Payments Continue to Increase

Green jobs company endorsed by Obama and Biden squandered $535 million in stimulus money

Reid to Offer Stop-gap CR, No Cuts

Harry Reid and the Union Dwarfs

Connecticut’s Governor To Taxpayers: You’re Still Not Sacrificing Enough

5 Political Catchphrases You Should Never Believe

Uncle Sam: Jacking up your airfare

The Battle of Madison AND Battle of Wisconsin: Proxy civil war
Let's be clear about what's at stake in Wisconsin, where the battle between Gov. Scott Walker and the public-employees' unions is now well and truly joined. It's not just about balancing the state budget, nor simply about collective bargaining. It's not even about the future of the labor movement.

It's about the future of the country and who is to be master -- the voters or the "public servants."

WI State Rep Busted For Sexual Misconduct – Says Charges Are a Distraction From Larger State Issues

White House tries backpedaling from Madison protests

Obama Talks Jobs With Everyone — Except Jobless

On Government Spending: More Party of ‘No,’ Please. President Obama's offensive budget was just a bargaining position, callously introduced while the country is in peril. Will enough congressmen say "no"?

Labor Trouble Dogs Obama in Ohio

DNC, under the bus

Dear AWOL Wisconsin legislators: this isn’t how we do democracy

In Wisconsin, the gap widens between GOP and Dems.

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