Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 02-24

President Obama Job Approval

Obama's Poll Numbers Plunge as Revolt Against Unions Spreads

The Imperial Presidency

Abusing the Voting Rights Act Thanks to the Obama Justice Department, redistricting may touch off contentious court battles over the rule of law.

Base Jumping

Obama's WTF Tour: Cleveland is Home to "industries of tomorrow"!

Defense of Marriage Out, Phony Constitutional Concern In

Obama Bows Out on the Defense of Marriage Act

More on DOMA

AND here's to hoping - And A Subsequent Administration Can Decline To Defend ObamaCare

Chicago’s One-Party Dictatorship Chooses New Leader. Rahm Emanuel was elevated to the position of Chicago's 46th mayor. Calling the process an "election" is an insult to republican principles.

House Republicans to Offer Short-term CR, $4 Billion in Cuts
Cantor spokesman Brad Dayspring responds: “I’m not sure how Senator Reid rejected spending cuts that he hasn’t seen yet, but it certainly reinforces the notion that he is willing to shutdown the government rather than cut one penny in federal spending.”

It's nice to see Obama is taking the nation's finacial crisis seriously -
White House to celebrate Motown with tribute concert

A Democratic congressman urges government employees to take violent action.

Newspapers, GOP call for congressman to resign

The former Bell city manager was in court for a preliminary hearing when paramedics responded. I'm not crying, he was getting nearly $800,000 a year off of lower-middle-class tax-paying workers.

Democrats just don't understand the new populism

A Price on Our Heads

Lobbyists: White House sends meetings off-site to hide them

Harry Reid's illusory $41 billion in budget cuts

Wimps! - Indiana kills 'right-to-work' bill There goes Daniels' chances in 2012. Although this might help.

Wisconsin’s Cowardly Democrats Public employees and Democratic lawmakers haven’t exactly offered conservatives a lesson in civility.

Democrats, Media Keep ‘Birther’ Story Alive

Rep. Jerrold Nadler: CAGW's Porker of the Month for Feb. 2011!

Obama Sits Out State Fights He had no business getting into it in the first place.

Obama's Badger State Blues A union defeat in Wisconsin could hurt the president's re-election bid.

Harry Reid’s prostitution lecture bombs You're trying to outlaw prostitution in Nevada?!? It's like you don't even come from that state.

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