Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Big Union/Leftie Groups 02-23

Hey Governors in the Midwest, here's a great idea to rebuild your public educational systems from Rhode Island - Providence plans to pink slip all teachers

FDR and collective bargaining AND A Fifty Year Mistake AND Even FDR Understood: No Collective Bargaining for Public Servants

Meet Three Anti-Koch Left Wing H8 Ralliers: Roger Fraser, Bonnie Reiss, and Don Wallace

Dem Rep to unions: Time to get ‘bloody’

GAY BLACK TEA PARTYER Attacked By Racist SEIU Activists at Denver Tea Party (Videos)

SEIU Protesters Call Gay Black Tea Partier ‘Stupid, Uninformed’ and Ask Him If He Has Any Children He ‘Claims’ (Video)

Video: CAIR Attempts to Confront Allen West, Fails Miserably

Zogby: Majorities Support Gov. Walker Plan

Rasmussen: Almost Half of US Backs Scott Walker

In Wisconsin, A Sense of Entitlement Imperils Nation

Public unions force taxpayers to fund Democrats

Money Grubbing Thugs: Public Sector Unions Can't Stop Devouring Taxpayer Money

Follow the Money: What the Wisconsin Education Association Isn’t Talking About

Unions and Medicaid

Upping the Pressure on Wisconsin Dems Last night Gov. Scott Walker told reporters that if the budget bill isn't law by Friday he will have to lay off 1,500 state workers.

Benefits bubble has burst for Wisconsin unions

The Limitations of Public-Private Partnerships

What Unionized Public School Teachers can offer - Two-Thirds of Wisconsin Public-School 8th Graders Can’t Read Proficiently—Despite Highest Per Pupil Spending in Midwest AND Only 39 Percent of Wisconsin Public-School Eighth Graders Proficient in Math, Says Department of Education

Another example - Report: (Kindergarten) Teacher made kids beat student. Teacher is still employed at the school

The Real Way to Express Solidarity with Union Workers in Wisconsin – Let Them Choose

The real threat to democracy in Wisconsin. Fleeing Democrats have stolen the will of the public and their right to self-governance

The Partisan Origins of Public-Sector Collective Bargaining

No, Wisconsin’s Budget Deficit Wasn’t “Manufactured” by Walker and the GOP

Wisconsin Republicans Turn Up the Heat, Labor Stays Cool

HuffPo at odds with news union over unpaid bloggers

The privileged are revolting in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Union’s Insurance Scam at Stake in Collective Bargaining Reform

Walker on Fake Sick Leave: State Employees Will be Terminated, Doctors Will Be Investigated

effing boomers - It's Just Like the Sixties!

The Scrubbing has Begun... AND State reviewing complaints over doctors' excuse notes

BREAKING PHOTOS!! Wisconsin ‘Fleebagger’ Spotted In Illinois UPDATE: Police Called To ‘Fleebag’ Hotel

A Woman and Her (Former) Orchestra

Against Voter Fraud Protests, Worcester Mayor Plays the Race Card. Community organizing strikes again. Also read J. Christian Adams' Tatler post about Neighbor to Neighbor's vote fraud.

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