Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bad Politician Bad 02-23

President Obama Job Approval

D.C., Hawaii Still Most Approving of Obama; All States Decline

Obama’s approval ratings drop more than 10 points in 50-state Gallup poll

Obama's popularity fell in all 50 states in 2010

Poll Shows Battleground States Trending Strongly for GOP on Obama Re-election Issues

Obama, Democrats Sliding in Polls

Oh dear lord NO - Obama recruits an army of community organizers to carry his 'movement forward for years to come'

It is the law that any administration's justice department MUST defend the law of the land in court. Obama Administration Drops Defense of Anti-Gay Marriage Law

Obama and DOMA

DOMA: Politics Trumps Outcome

Obama's strange silence on Libya

Our World: Obama’s devastatingly mixed signals

The Status Quo Presidency. The presidential candidate who ran on hope and change is now governing toward an unsustainable status quo.

Oh goody - 2012 Ad Blitz for Obama Planned

State Dems' Legislative Strategy: If You Can't Beat 'Em, Go AWOL

Obama's agenda faces governors' revolt

On Obama jobs tour, unemployed have little voice

Oregon newspaper calls for Rep. Wu’s resignation

Echoes of Government Shutdowns

Shutting Down the Government

Dems Dare GOP on Federal Shutdown

Well, they like their corruption pure in Chicago - Rahm Emanuel elected next mayor of Chicago AND Why Rahm has raised millions of dollars from out-of-state donors

Democrats: MIA

Thomas Sowell - Voices of Moderation

Dem Rep to unions: Time to get ‘bloody’

Ind. House Speaker Talks Daniels, Missing Democrats

Senate Dems launch 'super PAC'

Why Does Government Suppress Information?

Obama Fights Taxpayer, Backs Union Allies

The standoff in Wisconsin continues, with the aid of President Obama

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