Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Union/Leftie Groups 02-20

F.D.R. Warned Us

Battle of Wisconsin threatens unions' political might

More News from the Front Lines in Madison [updated endlessly, right through Sunday morning

Wisconsin Updates

Unions fuel Democratic Party financially

Michigan Union ‘Outsources’ Protesters; Hires Homeless to Picket

‘There was a referendum on this issue and the unions lost’

Obama role in Wisconsin standoff has been 'inappropriate'

Union Protester Arrested For Trying to Sabbotage Tea Party Sound System

In Wisconsin Budget Protest, Demonstrators Vow to Stay in Capitol While Democrats Refuse to Return

Union Protester Wants to Vote for Castro, Clone Che

Walker: ‘We are willing to take this as long as it takes’

Flashback: Democrats go un-democratic when they lose, and then they lose some more

No Truth In Left’s Wisconsin Union Support or Budget Surplus Story

Wisconsin governor seizes chance to take on unions

The people wanted change, and Walker is delivering

Sat. 2/19 - Largest crowd yet descends on Wisconsin Capitol.

Doctor Explains Fake ‘Sick’ Medical Note

What's your sign? Scott Walker is "assassinating the middle class — he's getting us."

Medical fraud in Wisconsin

Medical Fraud in MadisonAndrew Breitbart Contracts “Walker Pneumonia” In Madison, Wisconsin!

Lefty Students, Aging Hippies, Unions Take Over State Capitol

Watershed Moment in Wisconsin

Smile when you wield that swastika

I wouldn't want this "teacher" anywhere near my kids. "Walker — can I 'modestly' kick you in the nuts."

University of Wisconsin, Department of Family Medicine is not Responsible? (Updated with Video) AND Fake Doctor Notes at Wisconsin Union Protest Rally (Video and Commentary) of These Obnoxious Citizens.

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