Thursday, February 24, 2011

Junk Science 02-24

Clinton: Too much ethanol could lead to food riots

New Hampshire poised to pull out of regional cap and trade system

I had no idea that whitewash was so environmentally-friendly - 'Climategate' report clears scientists

New York City uses Recovery Act funds to poll residents on soda tax

I'd rather rescind than let California piss the money away on solar panels and granola farms. Let's face it, California has tons of off-shore drilling possiblities and all sorts of other means of attaining energy but chooses not to because of their useless and stifling regulations and "green" policies. Why should the rest of America's taxpayers be forced to fund California's lunacy? - Robbing California of energy. The House's decision to rescind about $2 billion in Recovery Act funds and loan authority has jeopardized some $40 billion of private industry investment in clean energy.

In a survey of which regulations most impede the ability to do business, environmental regulation was the greatest concern.

Nearly one-quarter of biologists say they have been affected by animal activists. A Nature poll looks at the impact And let's be clear, by "affected" many mean violently attacked.

The EPA's Latest Unscientific Power Grab

This is good news - Genetic engineering brings cloned crops closer

House Dems call for climate science hearings amid GOP efforts to block EPA climate rules

Government wants admissions from tobacco companies

Panel: Green jobs company endorsed by Obama and Biden squandered $535 million in stimulus money

While some are using this to encourage American drilling,it's mostly the Left that is trading blood for oil - Energy interests use Libyan unrest to push their agendas

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