Wednesday, February 23, 2011

In Economic Woes 02-23

For the record - George Washington Was a Brilliant Entrepreneur

$4 Gasoline? Definitely in California, but Maybe Not for Everyone Else

Government pensions, an obesity epidemic

The Stimulus, Not Oil Prices, Is Hammering Consumers

Habits of Credit Bubble Make a Comeback

The Limitations of Public-Private Partnerships

Fed's Hoenig: Big banks too risky, must be broken up

How the GOP Can Win the Budget Battle Democrats will bewail every domestic program cut. Can Republicans convince the public we can't afford to play this game any longer?

The End of Free Checking

Congress Struggles to Avert Shutdown as Parties Disagree on Spending Cuts

When Pretending Fails to Hide Bankruptcy

Alcohol Regulation Roundup: February 23, 2011

Rep. Budget Cuts to Tame Monster Deficit

The Federal Reserve Is Causing Turmoil Abroad Few protesters in the Middle East connect rising food prices to U.S. monetary policy. But central bankers do.

Biofueling an Egyptian Uprising

Thousands protest against high food prices in Delhi

A hard habit to quit

Social Security and the Budget Mess

On Cutting Federal Funding for NPR

Home Price Declines Continue

Housing Could Sink Recovery, Squash Obama

The Myth of Corporate Cash Hoarding Companies hire more workers when there's income to pay them. They don't liquidate financial assets

Oil Shock

North African Turmoil Could Rocket Crude to $220

It's Time for Washington to Get Serious About Job Creation

Obama praises Cleveland as the 'tech belt' Our economy is in the best of hands.

Stagflation Will Follow Fed’s Inflation

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey lays out tight budget

Oil climbs above $110 on Libya unrest

$4 Gas? How about $5 a gallon?

Obama is a Liar After All!

Madoff trustee hits SEC's top attorney with suit

We must support politicians who cut spending

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