Thursday, February 24, 2011

Big Union/Leftie Groups 02-24

Follow the Money Who benefits from public-employee unions?

Why Haven’t Public-Sector Unions Swarmed the White House?

UFT spends millions on dinners, parties, parking, coffee as thousands of teachers face layoffs

Public Unions Force Taxpayers to Fund Dems

Who Benefits From Government Unions?

In Last 24 Hours Dem Protesters Have Assaulted a Young Woman, Tortured a Camel, Called Opponents “Bad Jews” & Attacked Gay Black Tea Partier… They Must Be Very Proud

Student protests fizzle at UWSP today

Ummmm - Union Thug: ‘I’ll F#*k You in the Ass, You Faggot’ Gets violent at 7:38 mark

Van Jones Calls for Union Marches on All 50 State Capitols

Update on Union Battles in Wisconsin, and Mitch Daniels’ Bad Example

Government’s Broken Promises

Will TSA Unionization Jeopardize Air Safety? From FDR to Reagan, history suggests the answer is yes

The Real Way to Express Solidarity with Union Workers in Wisconsin – Let Them Choose

Ochlocracy And The Menace Of Government Unions

Lessons From Wisconsin: No Wonder the Founding Fathers Equated Democracy with Mob Rule

Madison on Wisconsin: What Would the Founder Think? James Madison would shudder at the goings-on in his namesake town.

Public Employee Union Uses Tax Payer Resources to Organize a Political Rally.

Tax Scofflaw, Pro-Union WI Ed. Assoc. (WEAC) Corrupt?

Capuano ‘bloody’ comment becomes flashpoint in union flap

GETTING “A LITTLE BLOODY:” Video: CWA union thug strikes young female FreedomWorks activist. The activist is Tabitha Hale, whom Helen interviewed at SmartGirlPolitics a couple of years ago. And you’d think someone from the Communications Workers’ union would know better than to strike someone with a camera. But take a look at the video and you’ll see the angry, yet impotent face of today’s labor movement — right before the punch.
Video is below and at links.
Union thug assaults Tabitha Hale AND ‘Get a Little Bloody’: Freedom Works Employee Assaulted by Union Thug AND Union Thug Attacks FreedomWorks’ Tabitha Hale

More Hate From Union Thug Protesters: ‘You’re a Bad Jew’

Government vs. Private Employee Compensations

Bursting The Lower Education Bubble. What is going on in Wisconsin is the bursting of the lower education bubble. You heard it here first. To understand what Ms. Althouse means, go here.

Look for the Union Fable

Obama Sits Out State Fights

Wisconsin Capitol Converted Into Hippie/Socialist Commune

Wisconsin’s teachers required to teach kids labor union and collective bargaining history

How Public Employees and Taxpayers Got Scammed

Union Unrest in Idaho

The Public Worker Gravy Train Many government employees are paid up to 30% more than those in the private sector.

The Left's War on the Kochs

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