Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Union/Leftie Groups 02-22

White House denies assisting Wis. union, but ties run deep AND DNC, under the bus

White House tries backpedaling from Madison protests

Of Course It’s about the Money

Union Fails Pension Math: Part Time-Teacher Set to Earn More in Retirement than She Did While Employed

Public Unions Take Hit in Polls Ahead of Possible Federal Shutdown

These are good poll numbers for Unions either (numbers taken as of 4:30pm 2-22 - Should Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Agree to a Compromise?
65.03% voted - No, public sector employees need to give a little when everyone is hurting. And 27.6% voted - No, Republicans will compromise now, but find they’re just going to have the same fight again in two years.

Fla. State Senator Seeks Union Dues Restrictions

Paychecks Withheld for the Wisconsin 14 Another difference between public and private sector jobs, if I run away from a private sector job, I get fired. These jokers just get their direct deposit withheld until they come back. Bah.

Breitbart and Ingraham Discuss the True Nature of the Union Protests in Wisconsin

Wisconsin, Virginia and Public-Sector Unions

48% Back GOP Governor in Wisconsin Spat, 38% Side With Unions

Fox Reporter Confronts WI Doctor Writing Sick Notes

Ann Althouse gets a death threat from those classy, peace-loving lefties.

The Hitler signs add a real touch of elegance, don't ya think? Madison Protesters In Pictures

Tactics On Display: Progressive Snobs Mock Wisconsin Governor’s Education

Ohio Teachers at Center of Battle Over Union Rights

Wisconsin's Real Doctors and Their Fake Sick Notes for Protesters

Democrats trigger Statehouse showdown It's starting in Indiana with the traditional "Fleeing of the Democrats"

White House Backing Away from Wisconsin?

Union Superpowers! (Featuring ‘Wisconsin Vern’)

Where Are the Astroturf Activists Now?

What Madison Revealed Teachers are rent seekers. Actually, I'd say teacher unions are rent seekers using teachers as unwitting tools.

Political Fight Over Unions Escalates

Because nothing says liberals mean business like a drum circle

The Showdown Over Public Union Power At last, politicians and voters are fighting back against the most potent lobby for government spending and ever-higher taxes.

Wisconsin: Liberals as Reactionaries

Union Bonds in Wisconsin Begin to Fray

Wisconsin Protesters Act Like Drug Addicts

How the Left Sees the Union Crisis in Madison

The Battle of Madison

University of Wisconsin Medical School Launches Investigation of Doctors’ Fake Sick Notes

Sights And Sounds Of The Protests In Madison, Wisconsin

SEIU Brags About Local Media’s Help to Smear Then-Candidate Scott Walker

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