Sunday, February 20, 2011

Random Round-Up 02-20

President Obama Job Approval

Gee I wonder why - Case on Mortgage Official Is Said to Be Dropped AND How a Whistle-Blower Conquered Countrywide

Daniels and Christie light fuse under GOP lawmakers

Environmentalist Fraud and Manslaughter

Lara Logan and the media rules AND I was a mob sex attack victim in Tahrir Square... just like Lara Logan AND CBS Reporter Lara Logan Was Sexually Assaulted By Egyptian Crowd On Day Of Liberation

Getting to a Wisconsin Senate Quorum

Tea Partier Joins George Will in Great Debate About Wisconsin on ABC's 'This Week'

Righthaven: Copyright Trolls Living Under the Information Superhighway

The 2 Reasons Muni Investors Should Be Terrified By What's Going On In Wisconsin

Candidate Apologizes For ‘Buckwheat’ Remark AND Facebook remark wasn’t racist, Hagan says

No Truth In Left’s Wisconsin Union Support or Budget Surplus Story

China tries to stamp out 'Jasmine Revolution'

Beck Celebrates Lila Rose’s Triumphant Effort Exposing Planned Parenthood

Rumsfeld blasts Obama's world image

NJ gov. cuts more than the budget: his poundage

Well, maybe he knows something after all Soros was pretty much a nazi in his youth -
Soros: Fox News like Nazis in way it deceives people

The End of Fannie and Freddie? Closing the troubled housing agencies is not the only mortgage market fix we need. But it is a start.

Green Roof Collapses in Illinois

NPR Promotes New Planned Parenthood Radio Ads Attacking Pro-Lifers After They Lose House Vote

Krauthammer Rips Krugman's Claim Republicans Are Stealing Food From Babies and Pregnant Women

Flashback: Democrats go un-democratic when they lose, and then they lose some more

A Historic Flood of Red Ink

Michelle Obama Unwittingly Misleading Kids on Obesity

Some Dietary Suggestions For Our Regulators

The Real Party of No? It's the Democrats

Wisconsin: What’s the Right Analogy? Forget comparing what's happening in Madison right now to Greece, Egypt, Guernica, or Jutland. Think Gettysburg.

White House Gets It Wrong on Stimulus Jobs

Newsweek's Evan Thomas: Obama's Budget a 'Profile in Cowardice'

The germ of regulation spreads

Obama’s High-Speed Rail Obsession

The Audacity of Mobs

Obamacare Starts Early In Madison - Free Sick Notes For Progressives!

President Obama left off royal wedding guest list

Michele Bachmann and the politics of Minnesota

Retiring Boomers Find 401(k) Plans Fall Short

Bloated Budgets Endanger Freedom

Bad Media

Are Fox Watchers Too Paranoid About Radical Islam in America...or Are PBS Viewers Too 'Tolerant'?

NY Times Propaganda Writers Lead Way by Cribbing from Their Socialist Mentors

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