Thursday, May 20, 2010

Awesome Senior Moment basically writes this story off as apocryphal and I'm inclined to agree. That said, it doesn't make the story any less awesome! And I'm still gonna post it.
Here's a quote from a government employee who witnessed a recent inter-action between an elderly woman and an antiwar protester in a Metro station in DC. There were protesters on the train platform handing out pamphlets on the evils of America . I politely declined to take one.

The elderly woman was behind me getting off the escalator and a young (20-ish) female protester offered her a pamphlet, which she politely declined. The young protester put her hand on the old woman's shoulder as a gesture of friendship and in a very soft voice the young lady said, "Lady, don't you care about the children of Iraq?"

The old woman looked up at her and said, "Honey, my father died in France during World War II, I lost my husband in Korea , and a son in Vietnam . All three died so you could have the right to stand here and badmouth our country. If you touch me again, I'll stick this umbrella up your ass and open it."

Picture Round-Up

Haven't had time to work on a round-up because I've been working on this.

Might later, more likely tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Today's Very Late Round-Up

Thanks Jerks - Thanks To 3 Senators, China Entrenched In Iraqi Oil For 20 Years

Thanks again jerks - Congress about to limit political speech of bloggers?

New Silicon Graffiti Video: The News They Kept To Themselves

The Real Blumenthal Scandal Is the Media

Holder MUST GO - DOJ Voting Rights attorney resigns over Black Panthers stonewalling

Confiscating Your Property

Now that's the way to do it - New Jersey Teachers Union Forced to Take Back Seat to Kids

Consider yourselves warned jerks. We voters (aka YOUR BOSSES) will remember if you voted for Kagan or not. Senate Storm Warning

Even my six-year-old thinks these mascots are crap. London Olympics 2012: Meet Wenlock and Mandeville, drips off the old block And for the record, Pixar would NEVER come up with something this utterly lame.

Republicans Investigate Bailed-Out Chicago Bank

“he who is kind to the cruel is cruel to the kind.”

Supreme Court Overturns Life Sentences Without Parole for Violent Juveniles, Citing “International Opinion”

I'm not sure which is worse, relying on 'international opinion" while judging American laws or this...
Chief Justice Roberts agreed with the liberal majority only that the defendant in this particular case deserved a chance for parole. But he disagreed with its sweeping ruling that all violent juveniles must be given a chance for parole unless they succeeded in killing their victim. He cited the examples of nightmarishly evil people who will now be given an opportunity for parole thanks to the Supreme Court:

“But what about Milagro Cunningham, a 17-year-old who beat and raped an 8-year-old girl before leaving her to die under 197 pounds of rock in a recycling bin in a remote landfill?” asked the Chief Justice. “Or Nathan Walker and Jakaris Taylor, the Florida juveniles who together with their friends gang-raped a woman and forced her to perform oral sex on her 12-year-old son?” These vicious predators will now be free to seek parole.

The Court’s decision today illustrates that the Supreme Court is a liberal court, not a moderate or conservative court. The great majority of states–even “Blue States” like California–permit life without parole for violent juvenile torturers and rapists. The Court ignored the wisdom of the sages, such as the ancient maxim that “he who is kind to the cruel is cruel to the kind.”

I laughed, I cried

I'm so glad I no longer have a uterus. Or as the website says "THE STRONGEST VISUAL BIRTH CONTROL ON THE MARKET TODAY." If you need a laugh, this site is your destination

Sh*t My Kids Ruined.

I think this is going on the blogroll!

Giving Thanks To Those Who Gave All

Wow. Wow, wow, and wow. If anyone had told me even 10 years ago that I'd be moved to tears by a speech from Col. Oliver North, I'd think that person is crazy. But here I am.

The video below came to me in an email from a friend and I am grateful.

Take Time To Give Thanks To Those Who Give All

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm getting to it Round-Up

It was a combination of a documentary about an Australian serial killer and Daniel Pearl's murder that moved my husband from redemption-for-all to some-evil-must-be-executed. Obama should be ashamed. Word to Obama – Daniel Pearl Was Not Beheaded Because He Was a Journalist. He Was Beheaded Because He Was an American and a Jew

Democrats Face Threat From Their Own Base

YouCut: Duplicative Welfare Spending

Quiet You! Thomas Sowell is speaking - "Enough Money"

Left, right and wrong

It's only "Big Brother is Watching You" when a republican is in charge. When democrats go Big Brother, that's okay. Hypocrites.

The 9/11 Mosque’s Peace Charade

Left or right, I don't care. Kick the corrupt kleptocrats out! The dangers of New Media: Rep. Souder's mistress Tracy Jackson dominates his YouTube Channel

In Scientific Research, it's Full Disclosure for Thee, but not for Me. Activist groups and compliant media look askance industry-funded scientific research, but never question left-leaning foundations

Did SEIU Pay Media Matters to Cover Up the Gladney Beating?

So Holder DoJ still hasn't prosecuted these thugs and now one of them is on the ballot? Only in Philly: Black Panther on the Ballot!

I love it when women fight back. My prayers are with you.

Ground Zero Mosque I wouldn't care about the already existing older pre-9-11 mosque being renovated. And I bow to no one in my support of freedom to worship. But building a new 15 story mosque near Ground Zero is unforgivable and unallowable.

Oopsay Daisy! Leaked Doc Proves Spain’s ‘Green’ Policies — the Basis for Obama’s — an Economic Disaster PJM has received a leaked internal document confirming Spain realizes its green failures, just as Obama pushes the American Power Act based on Spain's program

British Journalist and ClimateGate Vanguard: Global Warming Debate as 'Important' as Winning World Wars. U.K. Telegraph journalist credited for coining the term 'ClimateGate' maintains manmade warming debate a fight for 'liberty.

Climategate 2010: The Inconvenient Facts About Global Warming

Leading Global Warming Skeptic Lindzen: Time to Abandon the 'Skeptic' Label M.I.T. professor says 'skepticism' implies anthropogenic global warming theory a 'plausible proposition.'
“One suggestion I’d make is we stop accepting the term ‘skeptic,’” Lindzen said. “As far as I can tell, skepticism involves doubts about a plausible proposition. I think current global warming alarm does not represent a plausible proposition.”

Lindzen told the audience the alarmists have simply failed to prove their case.

“For 20 years –more than 20 years unfortunately, 22 by now, since ’88 – of repetition, escalation of claims does not make it more plausible. “Quite the contrary,” he continued. “I would suggest the failure to prove the case of 20 years makes the case even less plausible, as does the evidence of ClimateGate and other instances.”

The Insane Myth of ‘Renewable’ Energy. The nonsense from green energy lobbyists is nothing short of crazy talk. Why is Congress, or anyone else, buying it?

Only an idiot wouldn't have seen this coming. Sorry Congress, Obama, MSM, you're all a bunch of idiots. Massachusetts Insurers Post Big Losses

No, You Can't Keep Your Health Plan. Insurers and doctors are already consolidating their businesses in the wake of ObamaCare's passage

Fudging Obamacare costs. Bureaucrats come clean when it's too late to matter

High Schooler Objects to ‘Sicko’ Final Exam, Says Teacher Called Her A ‘Teabagger’ in Front of Class How lame a liberal do you have to be to make Moore's movie "sicko" part of the final exam? Pathetic.

Eric Holder Must Go - Apparently Holder Hasn't Read DOJ Policy Either

I suggested this back in APRIL. AZ utility board member responds to LA boycott over SB1070

Everybody vs. Obama Even Democrats are running against the Obama agenda.

Motivating People Without Sticks or Carrots

Now How Can This Work For My Kids?

How to Motivate People: Skip the Bonus and Give Them a Real Project

Monday, May 17, 2010

Secondary Round-Up.

Just a quickie. Ummmm...

"shocking news" States' Tax Collections Falter, Widening Budget Gaps Psst, you want to some tax revenue? Then buddy, let us get some JOBS

Worst of all, they took it. Patsy journalists. Press Freedom, Sure. But No Questions

Hot Tips on UN Waste, Fraud and Abuse: U.S. Mission Posts Scores of UN Internal Reports

What kind of idiot spends $1,600 on a dog when there are so many free rescue dogs available.

I think I'm in love

Rainy Day Round-Up

U.S. Soldiers Awarded Highest German Medal for Bravery During Rescue

I would watch this on a continuous loop if I could.

Obama Job Approval

I think I covered this here way back on April 29th. This Week in Tea: Arizona v. LA & Privatizing Liberty, Iron Man Style

A MUST and scary read! The Varieties of Liberal Enthusiasm. The Left’s political zealotry increasingly resembles religious experience from the always-excellent, why-aren't-you-subscribing? City Journal

Whoa! This is in the Detriot News!?! - Obama doing labor's bidding. Obama showers unions with gifts that all taxpayers will have to pay for

Romancing the state
“You know what the fastest growing religion in America is? Statism. The growing reliance on government. Every time a problem emerges, increasingly the reaction in American society is well, what can government do about it? America became the greatest country because of its strong society where people did not sit back and wait for government to act. They did it themselves.”

Fact Checking The EPA

The media not doing its job? Media Ignore La Raza Immigration Protester Fomenting Violent Revolution

The Health Care Reform Already Costs More Than We Thought It Would

Is the Cure Worse than the Disease? A month after passage, ObamaCare is already failing.

Public option is alive and well, but hidden

Best Political Ad Yet?

Obama administration helps ACORN defend socialism – in India!

Whatever Happened to the Hole in the Ozone Layer? I think this is my favorite part:
Interestingly, recent studies have shown that the size of the ozone hole affects the global temperature. Closing the ozone hole actually speeds up the melting of the polar ice caps, according to a 2009 study from Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research.

Talking Climate in the Windy City

Global Warming Is Causing What Now? The weaker the case for AGW becomes, the louder and more exaggerated the threatened effects.

The Nonsensical Notion of ‘Unearned Income’ The "labor theory of value" used to justify taxing capital gains fails to take into account that investment income is the product of exacting thought and effort. Well, Lefties neither think nor make the effort to learn facts so, of course, they'd believe the "labor theory of value."

I have a no curse word rule on this website so believe my anger is genuine when I override that rule in order to say "no fucking way" to this proposition - Anger Greets Plan for Mosque at Ground Zero

And that my friends is why I no longer watch network news, CNN or MSNBC. Because they support ghastly human beings like Sanger. Former Couric Employee at CBS Says Couric Had Margaret Sanger Picture on Office Wall 'The Perky One' is a fan of eugenicist enthusiast and abortionist.

"unfreakingbelievable" AND A Suggestion for the Arizona Legislature

Just Don't Call It a Climate Bill John Kerry rearranges cap and tax—and hopes no one notices.

Elites Hate When The People Speak

The Crippling Price of Public Employee Unions

Obama, Sunstein, and "libertarian paternalism" "What Sunstein and Obama are doing is just arrogant paternalism, period." Only an idiot journalist would swallow the idea of "libertarian paternalism". Libertarianism has nothing, NOTHING, to do with paternalism. Paternalism is the love of the Left, not the libertarian.

PJTV Video (Trifecta) - Emoticon Rescue: :) Obama, You're On Trifecta

Obamanomics Fails Women and Families

‘Son of Alar’: The New Pesticide Scare Campaign

Reawakening Germany’s Nationalism: What Could Go Wrong? If for some inexplicable reason you wanted to reawaken German nationalism, how would you go about it? Theodore Dalrymple suggests a three-part strategy. And good news: current events have already set the ball rolling...

The Revenue Limits of Tax and Spend. Whether rates are high or low, evidence shows our tax system won't collect more than 20% of GDP

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Damn Lefties

“Goin’ to Chicago”… for the Climate Conference

Global Green Meltdown Gains Momentum

Preserve an Ecosystem, or Preserve an EPA Rule? Prescribed fires are necessary to preserve a prairie ecosystem, but the smoke causes regulatory problems for cities downwind. It's the EPA versus nature.

Ron Kind (D-WI-3) Wants The Government To Track How Much Your Daughter Weighs

Government to monitor your children using non-scientific BMI

Govt Met With Environmentalists On Land Protection

Politicians want to tax us thin — but it’s big government that needs a diet

Experts weigh chances of Kerry-Lieberman energy bill

Wounded Warmists Attack: It’s What Happens ‘When Prophecy Fails’ The AGW community is behaving exactly like the UFO cult studied by psychologist Leon Festinger in his classic study of cognitive dissonance.

Weekend-Round Up

President Obama Job Approval

Hollywood Good Guy Of the Week: Michael Douglas

Let It Burn

AlfonZo Rachel Rocks! Why I’m a Conservative Republican

Palin says she has ‘empathy’ for women who have abortions, says Obama ‘most pro-abortion president’ ever

Point of contention originally posted by my husband on NRO - The Corner: In Liu of Qualifications?

Thomas Sowell - The despicable 'duty to die' How about this? If you voted for Obama, then under Obamacare, you have the "patriotic" duty to die. Those of us who didn't vote for Obama and fought Obamacare, have the Patriotic Duty to continue to live to fight this abomination another day.

Not matter what, I think this needs to be constantly remembered - Obama biggest recipient of BP cash

He's so dreamy - Week in Blogs: It's Not a Purge, It's an Insurrection

He's also a blowhole and an ass and quite probably a useless sack of humanity. Keith Olbermann is a humorless national security threat

Dudes! I've been saying this for months and months and months now - Holder's Got To Go AND Pardon My Blooper! Eric Holder testifies again. AND EDITORIAL: Obama's invisible Islam Democrats refuse to admit who the jihadist enemy is AND Eric Holder And Groucho Marxism AND from Ken Blackwell - The Tomb of the Unknown Lawyer

Palin in the Mainstream. Why Democratic attempts to link her to GOP candidates don't work

San Diego to Arizona: “Look, just because we called you racist bigots…” Looks like a boycott is a double-edged sword.

"Russia's neighbors", it should be pointed out, are the very Eastern European countries that have become such excellent US allies. The emerging democracies in these countries should be protected and nurtured, but Obama is abandoning them as he has all our allies. Ass. U.S. abandoning Russia's neighbors

The Media's Primary Double Standard

I don't even like ketchup and I'm angry about this - Say It Ain’t So: Heinz Ketchup the Latest Casualty of Liberal Political Doctrine

VDH Hits Hard - America 101 With Dean Obama

Distorting the Truth About Crime and Race

This was always a bad idea. How come an American chick with a BA in English Literature can figure that out when thousands of EU "experts" couldn't? Euro Breakup Talk Increases as Germany Loses Proxy

Politicians want to tax us thin — but it’s big government that needs a diet

Why is it "grit" to do the right thing? Liberal grit in the fight for school choice. Unexpected voices join the battle to improve the quality of education

Health reform's war on the states

Largest small business lobby signs onto health care lawsuit

Hell No

New Mosque Just Steps To Ground Zero?'

I am all for freedom of religion but this is wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.