Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm getting to it Round-Up

It was a combination of a documentary about an Australian serial killer and Daniel Pearl's murder that moved my husband from redemption-for-all to some-evil-must-be-executed. Obama should be ashamed. Word to Obama – Daniel Pearl Was Not Beheaded Because He Was a Journalist. He Was Beheaded Because He Was an American and a Jew

Democrats Face Threat From Their Own Base

YouCut: Duplicative Welfare Spending

Quiet You! Thomas Sowell is speaking - "Enough Money"

Left, right and wrong

It's only "Big Brother is Watching You" when a republican is in charge. When democrats go Big Brother, that's okay. Hypocrites.

The 9/11 Mosque’s Peace Charade

Left or right, I don't care. Kick the corrupt kleptocrats out! The dangers of New Media: Rep. Souder's mistress Tracy Jackson dominates his YouTube Channel

In Scientific Research, it's Full Disclosure for Thee, but not for Me. Activist groups and compliant media look askance industry-funded scientific research, but never question left-leaning foundations

Did SEIU Pay Media Matters to Cover Up the Gladney Beating?

So Holder DoJ still hasn't prosecuted these thugs and now one of them is on the ballot? Only in Philly: Black Panther on the Ballot!

I love it when women fight back. My prayers are with you.

Ground Zero Mosque I wouldn't care about the already existing older pre-9-11 mosque being renovated. And I bow to no one in my support of freedom to worship. But building a new 15 story mosque near Ground Zero is unforgivable and unallowable.

Oopsay Daisy! Leaked Doc Proves Spain’s ‘Green’ Policies — the Basis for Obama’s — an Economic Disaster PJM has received a leaked internal document confirming Spain realizes its green failures, just as Obama pushes the American Power Act based on Spain's program

British Journalist and ClimateGate Vanguard: Global Warming Debate as 'Important' as Winning World Wars. U.K. Telegraph journalist credited for coining the term 'ClimateGate' maintains manmade warming debate a fight for 'liberty.

Climategate 2010: The Inconvenient Facts About Global Warming

Leading Global Warming Skeptic Lindzen: Time to Abandon the 'Skeptic' Label M.I.T. professor says 'skepticism' implies anthropogenic global warming theory a 'plausible proposition.'
“One suggestion I’d make is we stop accepting the term ‘skeptic,’” Lindzen said. “As far as I can tell, skepticism involves doubts about a plausible proposition. I think current global warming alarm does not represent a plausible proposition.”

Lindzen told the audience the alarmists have simply failed to prove their case.

“For 20 years –more than 20 years unfortunately, 22 by now, since ’88 – of repetition, escalation of claims does not make it more plausible. “Quite the contrary,” he continued. “I would suggest the failure to prove the case of 20 years makes the case even less plausible, as does the evidence of ClimateGate and other instances.”

The Insane Myth of ‘Renewable’ Energy. The nonsense from green energy lobbyists is nothing short of crazy talk. Why is Congress, or anyone else, buying it?

Only an idiot wouldn't have seen this coming. Sorry Congress, Obama, MSM, you're all a bunch of idiots. Massachusetts Insurers Post Big Losses

No, You Can't Keep Your Health Plan. Insurers and doctors are already consolidating their businesses in the wake of ObamaCare's passage

Fudging Obamacare costs. Bureaucrats come clean when it's too late to matter

High Schooler Objects to ‘Sicko’ Final Exam, Says Teacher Called Her A ‘Teabagger’ in Front of Class How lame a liberal do you have to be to make Moore's movie "sicko" part of the final exam? Pathetic.

Eric Holder Must Go - Apparently Holder Hasn't Read DOJ Policy Either

I suggested this back in APRIL. AZ utility board member responds to LA boycott over SB1070

Everybody vs. Obama Even Democrats are running against the Obama agenda.

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