Thursday, April 29, 2010

Go Ahead CA, Make AZ's Day

Punks in California are threatening Arizona over its recently signed Immigration Bill - Arizona immigration law: California leads call for boycotts Boycotts worked once before by CA against AZ when it boycotted Arizona's refusal to honor Martin Luther King Day.

I'm not so sure now. That boycott cost Arizona tourism dollars but AZ is already suffering a tourism loses due to the stinky economy. And cynically, California benefited because it completes with AZ for tourism and that boycott brought over 100 conventions to CA from AZ.

But that was then and this is now. A poor economy and high numbers of illegal immigrants, have made Americans more sympathetic if not actually supportive of Arizona. A boycott could make California look like a bully.

But if CA decides to go through with it, then perhaps Arizona can express its outrage at California impinging upon Arizona's right to self-governance by dialing back the taps to the energy and water supplies southern California depends on.

In its pathetic attempts to be "green", California is now forced to import much of its energy and water from its neighbors and if you scroll down through the above links pdf. forms, you'll see a lot of that water and energy comes from Arizona.

Perhaps, California might want to stick its nose into its own problems rather than economically attacking the neighbor it depends upon for water and energy.

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