Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Round-Up 04-28

It's a little round-up today because I'm tired and cranky.

President Obama Job Approval

The fight over FedEx and the right to organize

GOP Remains United Against Permanent Bailouts The GOP better stay the Party of No, because Hell NO am I gonna vote for anyone who votes yes on this bill!

But they keep trying - Senate Dems plan all-nighter to push GOP on Wall Street reform

How Mexico Treats Illegal Aliens

Mexico Issues Travel Warning for Arizona Over Law Irony much?

Neighbor Against Neighbor. What right does the state have to reveal your signature on a political petition?

Block That Pay Hike!

It's nice to see that political liberal ass-h*lery is on both sides of The Pond. Labour is in trouble. With a capital T that rhymes with B that stand for Bigot: Open mic catches British PM calling voter bigoted. Lots and lots of video!
In short, Brown got handbagged but good!

Obama: We Need a Commission Because You Can't Trust Slippery Politicians Like Me to Tell You the Truth

More than 1,000 turn out to protest Obama in Macon

Obama in the Heartland: ‘Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Flyover Country Again Soon Enough'

Americans losing confidence in healthcare

Obamacare gets worse - More Danger Signs

CBO: Millions To Pay Obamacare Tax

Opponents of New Immigration Law Boycott Arizona Iced Tea ...too bad it's brewed in New York. Idiots

Why 'tea party' defenders won't let N-word claims rest. Black congressmen's charges that they faced 15 N-word slings from 'tea partyers' in the run-up to the health-care vote tarred the movement. Will tea party insistence that the lawmakers present evidence help US move to a 'post-shame' era?
A bright line was crossed on the 20th," says Christina Botteri, a spokeswoman for the Tea Party Federation. "The left constantly attacks conservatives as racist, as dumb, as evil, but what happened on the 20th is a sitting congressman, with the full voice and credibility of the House of Representatives, accused a group of citizens with whom he philosophically disagrees of assault and then refused to help find the persons responsible. They need to help us find the people responsible or apologize for making it up."

Conservative Web publisher Andrew Breitbart has accused the congressmen of lying about the incident in an effort to tar the tea party movement. He has gone so far as to offer a $100,000 donation to the United Negro College Fund for proof. Though it appears from footage that at least some of the congressmen's entourage were filming the walk, no one has claimed the bounty.

"[This] is a slander with real-world repercussions," Mr. Breitbart asserts on

Some in the mainstream press have conceded tea partyers may have a point. Washington Post reporter David Weigel has said the March 20 incident is a "paradigm shift" that shows conservatives how the media accept attacks on the right without doing due diligence. Politico's Ben Smith, who keeps a close eye on the tea party movement, Tweeted a response to Breitbart about the lack of takers on the bounty: "I think you've pretty much won this one, no?"
You can read the whole argument but it's really page two where the action happens.

Media still clueless about Tea Parties. One hates to quibble, since this is such an excellent article, however I believe the headline could be edited down even more to "Media still clueless".

Thank you Gawker for this! The Washington Post Cannot Tell Obama From Malcolm X Query: Which is worse, that the front page proof-reader is sloppy or that they can't see the difference between Obama and Malcolm X?

Free Speech for Us

Reporters surprised to find White House is thin-skinned and controlling

Deport Children of Illegals

ACLU Makes False Attack on New Arizona Law

Video - Sarah Palin Takes on Immigration Debate

Rep Wants AZ Immigration Law in Texas

Who is Eric Stein?

The Dems' Not-So-Secret Vulnerability

Consider yourselves warned - ABC News Poll: Ahead of 2010 Midterm Elections, Incumbent Support Its Lowest Since 1994

Soda Taxes Take a Hit

Salt Tyrants

Salt: The New Tobacco?

Baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion. A baby boy abandoned by doctors to die after a botched abortion was found alive nearly two days later

He says its a joke but then why am I crying? Madoff vs Social Security

What the Administration Knew About the Costs of ObamaCare

Who Would be Empowered by Obama's Corporate Governance Ideas?

Obama Town Hall Stacked With Supporters: Man Behind Him Wears Obama "Community Organizer" Shirt Video!

The Creepy Corporatism of Obama's America. Citi’s Pandit to Obama: “You can count on me and the entire Citi organization...”

Obama is a Bully

Obama the Shameless

Hooray - Mojave cross case: a signal on religious symbols

An Ominous Tolling – and a Bellwether Day – for Religious Liberty

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