Thursday, April 29, 2010

In Economic Woes 04-29

Gambling with Other People's Money. How Perverted Incentives Caused the Financial Crisis A study from the Mercatus Center at George Mason University

What part of HELL NO are we not understanding? - The VAT Man Cometh: It Will Happen. How Bad Is It? The poorly named tax will add unlimited complexity and government intrusion into commerce.

Who decides? Obama To Wall Street: "I Do Think At A Certain Point You've Made Enough Money"

Democrats' Financial Reform Looks Like a Protection Racket

A not very stimulating stimulus. Economists tell Obama his economic policies are all wrong

I have no words. From the Trading Desk

Bailout Bill Would Require Banks to Track and Report Personal Checking Accounts to Feds

John Stossel is right - Everyone Prospers With Free Trade

The Ghetto-ification of America. Statist entitlement policies will cause a slow moral and economic decay across the country, similar to the swift ones they fostered in black communities.

IMF head's economy warning for UK

A Better Way to Avoid Bailouts

How to save Wall Street. Pain now, prosperity later

Bailing Out Wall Street…Again

Citizen Uprising Over Internet Regulation

Goldman Hearings are the Right Subject; Wrong Target

Obama plan blows secret kisses to Wall Street

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