Monday, April 26, 2010

Junk Science 04-26

Soy Biodiesel Worse For Global Warming?

Famed Environmental Wackos Building 20,000 Square Foot House

Ain't no such thing as a green China - Two Energy Giants: A Contrast in Approach

Clean Water Restoration Act just another land grab

Video! - Climate Scientist, Heated Up Over Satirical Video, Threatens Lawsuit. The Penn State climate professor who has silently endured investigations, hostile questioning, legislative probes and attacks by colleagues has finally spoken out. He says he'll sue the makers of a satirical video that's a hit on You Tube Quite frankly, I think we have a counter-suit against Prof. Mann for being a lying liar about said hockey stick and wasting billions of taxpayers dollars.

Again? It's time to panic. I like his question:
While I don't know how NASA knows that we've just had the warmest year since 1009 AD, it does seem reasonable to ask why it was so warm in 1009 AD when there weren't any automobiles, and how the Earth managed to get from 1009 AD to present without overheating, and what happened to bring about the cooling of the Little Ice Age.

Twenty Years of Advocacy, Not Journalism, on Global Warming Even After ClimateGate Scandal, Reporters Have Pushed a One-Sided "Sky Is Falling" Mantra on Climate Change

'Green' BBC spends £5million flying directors around Britain

Salt Assault Heads Down Slippery, Grainy Slope

More Global Warming Profiteering by Obama Energy Official. Ex-Gore associate and current Obama energy official Cathy Zoi is exploiting global warming for her own mega-gain

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