Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Round-Up 04-30

My husband's post on NRO - Following the Money

Seriously, any politician that gets us out of the United Nations (including funding) will have my vote. Iran vs. Women

Animals’ Right to Privacy Denied by Wildlife Documentaries, Says Researcher Since this "research" is from the University of East Anglia - home of the massive climategate scandal - I think we can safely ignore this idiot. (And wonder what the hell is going on at the UEA.)


Some's pants are burning! Oops! Quincy PD Releases Bogus Statement; Lashes Out at Protesting Granmas… Forgets About Army of Videographers

US immigrants plan huge May 1 marches for reform. Get the cameras ready.

Video -’s Nanny of the Month: The Cop Who Said Put Down that Flag, Tea Partiers!

A year of spiralling food costs are forcing many Indians do cut back to survive

More Americans Favor Than Oppose Arizona Immigration Law And Americans will probably like it even more now that these changes have clarified the law's intent and execution - Arizona lawmakers OK several changes to immigration law

Fascism Descends on America’s Shopping Malls. It's clear: Best Buy and the Gap are run by neo-Nazis. Why else would they ask for my papers?

Treat the Cause, Not the Symptom: Welfare State Is Draw for Illegals. While I commiserate with Arizona voters, public services are the problem, not illegals.

Mexican Hypocrisy? U.S. Neighbor Has Its Own Tough Take on Immigration. Mexican President Felipe Calderon says his government "cannot and will not remain indifferent" in the face of Arizona's new immigration enforcement law, which he says violates human rights. But Mexico itself has "incredibly restrictive" immigration laws

Women Seeking Abortions Cite Lack of Family Support

Why? Attorney General Holder Dispatches Justice Department Team to Monitor British Petroleum Oil Spill

South Park is the least of Islam’s problems: The Mohammed Image Archive displays every Mohammed portrait ever created


Dems now calling federal ObamaCare mandate a “tax”

It's already starting. Access Denied! New health care law traps some in pricey state plans

Will there be a doctor in the house?

IRS lacks clout to enforce mandatory health insurance

A New ObamaCare Horror Story


NTU Creates Map Showing the Economic Damage of Renewable Energy Standard

Environmentalists Prevent Cleaner Power Plant Construction. How environmentalists stopped a new power plant — losing jobs and hurting the local population — without improving the environment.

Obama Pander: Increase Ethanol Despite All Evidence it Is a Bust

Junk Science Has Consequences: Environmental Lobby Shows No Concern for California’s Financial Woes

Gust of hope and change

It pains me to say this but I kinda agree more with the reader than Jonah. - Calamity in the Gulf Cont'd


Maybe if the press had done its job during the election, then we would have known enough about Obama to have predicted this nonsense. After reporter's subpoena, critics call Obama's leak-plugging efforts Bush-like

Keith Olbermann has a mean streak. Why is this surprising, I'd call him a bigoted troll but that would be mean to bigoted trolls everywhere.

Make My Day. Go Kaus Go!

Grandma vs. the SWAT team

Defending Glenn Beck. His occasional missteps shouldn't overshadow his tremendous ability to present a reasoned, logical, unassailable argument.

'Racially Resentful' Dissecting the latest bogus tea-party poll.

The Smear Continues


If Americans Want to Rebuild the Economy, Ignore AFL-CIO’s Trumka

Rousing the rabble

Charming. And given that the biggest abortionists in the US are Planned Parenthood which was founded by racist eugenicist Margaret Sanger, one can only assume the folks over at Kos would lean towards such views. Kos Article Says Number of Abortions May be ‘Too Low’

Obama Zombies Invade Wall Street

Oh Harrison. Can you spot the flaw in Harrison Ford’s argument?

AFL-CIO Throwing in Towel on Card Check?

The ACLU Approves Limits on Speech. On campaign contributions, a dramatic about-face.


596 immigrants convicted of crimes nabbed in South

How Many More Are Innocent? America’s 250th DNA exoneration raises questions about how often we send the wrong person to prison.

30 Terrorist Plots Foiled: How the System Worked

Illegal Immigration Is Human Trafficking. Why Don’t Progressives Care?

Could be interesting.

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