Monday, April 26, 2010

In Economic Woes 04-26

Hooray! The Dodd Bill Loses a Procedural Vote

Dodd Bill’s Hidden Target: Community Banks

Issa Questions SEC's Market Timing

Toy company that created safety hysteria gets waiver on testing … again

How's That Stimulus Working?: Unemployment Edition

20%-25% of Charities to Lose Their Tax-Exempt Status on May 15

Stimulus Didn’t Help, Say Folks Who Oughta Know

Too Many Criminal Laws

The Corporate Governance Provisions of the Dodd Wall Street Reform Bill: What Others Are Saying

Strategist Daley: Stocks May Plunge 40 Percent

PJTV Video (The always dreamy VodkaPundit) - The Week In Blogs: Paid Companions, Unpaid Debt, And The Government’s Magic Touch

Financial Services Bill Is a Blow to Job Creation

Don't believe the good-news pundits who say America's economy is coming back. Reihan Salam says we're heading into a decade-long economic buzz saw.

SCANDAL EXPOSED: Paulson/Goldman/Center for Responsible Lending

Lawmakers Accuse GM, Administration of Misleading Public Over Loan Repayment

Deal Near on Derivatives. Berkshire Presses Lawmakers to Roll Back Proposed Curbs, Avoiding Potential Hit

GM is paying back Uncle Sam to shake him down for more money.

A revolt grows in Jersey

I like Mr. Barone but this... Hold the VAT -- taxpayers may prefer spending cuts ... Ya think?

Geithner: "I Never Had A Real Job" Really I think this calls for NSS.

Why Are Liberals Backing Bailouts?

The eco-left’s love of eco-taxes

The IMF Is Urging Governments to Impose Regulatory and Tax Cartels to Benefit Politicians

Max Baucus: A bank tax is coming

ZERO - How Much Does Society Owe to People Who Don't Pay Their Debts?

The Remains of a California Day

The Case against the Dodd Bill

The Irresponsible Center for Responsible Lending

The PIIGS are eating our money

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