Friday, April 30, 2010

Bad Politicians Bad 04-30

President Obama Job Approval

The Corrupt Party and the Stupid Party

Dems spark alarm with call for national ID card

How Obama could lose Arizona immigration battle

Not unexpected but disappointing nonetheless - Judge says no to Obama subpoena in Blago case

It took 8 days for Obama to respond to the Gulf Oil Spill. Will this be Obama's Katrina?

MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews: Obama vs. Republicans

Well Good. Record numbers of GOP women campaigning for House seats

Obama made $5m in 2009 and tells us we've made enough? AND Here is Powerline's response to Obama's statement - At Some Point You Have Grabbed Enough Power.

The DNC Has Become the Obama National Committee. The Democratic National Committee has morphed into the "Obama National Committee" through the creation of "Organizing for America." Never before has either political party allowed itself to become the interim re-election committee for an incumbent president.

Rep. Brown-Waite announces retirement, citing 'persistent health problems'

Hillary Clinton's abortion grenade

Meg Whitman Caught Producing a Fake Town Hall? With Video, of course.

Paranoia's Nothing New In American Politics

Go Dan Go! Dan Hannan Scores Last Night’s Debate

Obama's Supreme Problem

Campaign Finance Transparency for Thee, but Not for … Dems. Dem leadership only thinks certain contributors need regulating, perhaps because other contributors support Dems disproportionately.

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