Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bad Politicians Bad 04-27

For the record, I do not want conservatives to be part of the whole "party of no", I want them to be part of the Party of HELL NO.

President Obama Job Approval

Holder Trips Up Again -- His Voting Problem in North Carolina. Why this man is employed at all baffles me.

All elected officials should consider themselves warned - Poll stunner: Bennett on brink of defeat
Unless Sen. Bob Bennett's political fortunes change dramatically in the next two weeks, he could become Utah's first incumbent U.S. senator to lose his party's nomination in seven decades

Gallup: GOP Up 20 Points Among 'Very Enthusiastic' Voters

Yes, Obama's Coalition Is Weak

Democrats’ racial strategy

Top Democrat predicts August healthcare bump in the polls. Also believes he will get a pet dinosaur for his birthday that he can ride to work.

Speaking of warnings, I wouldn't think about taking Chuck Norris's guns - Lambs to the Slaughter, Part 1

When Push Comes to Shove

PJTV Video (Mmmm, VodkaPundit) - Hair of the Dog: From Wall Street To The Wide-Open Border, A Whole Lotta Policy Fail

Obama offers simple narrative of GOP obstruction, but key lawmakers tell another story

Obama’s Folly: Censoring Americans

Bay Area Dems request $2.3 billion in earmarks I'm thinking of a response to these earmarks and it has something to do with those Reps. and the horses they rode in on.

'Hi. My Name Is America, and I'm a Deficit Addict.'

Chris Dodd's carve-outs for cronies

Reid Sets Vote on Wall Street Regs to Test GOP

Buffy Wicks Departs White House, Joins Axelrod’s Old Media Firm??

Inquiry Says Health Care Charges Were Proper

President Obama's strategy gets personal

Unemployment challenges Obama's economic narrative
VIDEO: Exclusive Footage Reveals Truth Behind ‘Phantom N-Word’ Myth

Obama Begs His Base to Come Out in November

Another ex-Googler in Obama Administration Buzz-ted by Google

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