Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Round-Up 07-29

President Obama Job Approval

Why Are We Beginning to Hate Congress

Obama Losing Ground with Women

Michelle Obama's Request for Birthday Wishes for Her Husband Links to Donation Page

It's almost like he lies as a knee-jerk reaction to even the most mundane questions - Obama on Snooki, Then and Now

BP’s corporate social irresponsibility

House panel hits Rangel with 13 ethics charges

Mattera v. Rangel Headed For Trial

Ethics panel brings 13 counts against embattled Rep. Rangel

Jacob Lew Case Certainly Looks Like a Story of Washington Corruption

ShoreBank: Alexi Giannoulias Has Questions to Answer

Obama talks race, pop culture on 'The View' AND An Unserious Presidency On View AND Obama plays more media blame games on 'The View'

Obamateurism of the Day

Incumbency as a Special Interest

You stay classy, Grayson - Taxpayers Spend $73,000 on Alan Grayson DVDs

California’s Fiscal Emergency a Microcosm of Americans’ Debt Concerns

How Americans’ Shifting Political Ideologies Threaten the Democrats

A "U Turn" Election?

Despite bravado, Democrats' spending on TV ad time betrays fear


Deficits Up, Unemployment Up

Letting Bush Tax Cuts Die Would Kill Recovery: Analysts

Taxes: A Defining Issue Barack Obama knows taxes define worldview. The GOP should offer voters an alternative.

CBO Warns Obama: Exploding US Debt a Huge Risk

Foreclosures Up in 75% of Top U.S. Metro Areas

Barney Frank: 'Zero chance' of Congress approving 'unpopular' value-added tax

Bank Reforms to Pinch Consumer Credit

Education secretary calls for 12-hour school days, longer school year

Only in Washington Is This Transparency

The Job Moratorium

House Bill Legalizes Online Gambling in US

Employment (June 2010) AND Job Creation (June 2010)

Ohio Wants Something Different

What Would Happen If Sharks Disappeared?

Political operatives on Journolist worked to shape news coverage

It's always good to know who's cooking your news

Among the Gibbering Journalists

The Obama Administration Admits It Lied About Abortion in Its Landmark Health-Care Bill

National Health Service: It's Coming to America

Majority Leader Reid: ‘We Will Have a Public Option’

I think the scariest thing is that they force children to undergo school weigh-ins because the government runs the healthcare. A damaging dream of Mad Men's Joan

Helplessness and Anarchy

I smell burning pants - SEIU to Illegal Immigrants: Republicans Will Round You Up Like the Nazis and Put You in Internment Camps

Fox News Poll: 72 Percent Say Government Not Enforcing Immigration Laws

Left Admits: Racism Charges Against Tea Parties a Tactic, Not a Truth

Milton Friedman’s Enduring Legacy

House Dems face resistance from their own on spill plan

The Death Of The Global Warming Movement

Illegal immigrants leave tons of trash in Arizona desert, devastating environment

The Amnesty Memo

Gov. Brewer's request to the 9th Circuit (pdf) here.

Julian Assange may avoid prosecution for his voluminous data dump, but we can still shower the attention-craving, vainglorious “truth-seeker” with our contempt, says Tunku Varadarajan.

Back in the day, African-American kids didn't think it was a crime to be young, gifted and black.

The Red Flag of Partisanship

FCC Chair Genachowski Again Offers Very Little in Defense of his Internet Land Grab

Gov. Chris Christie speaks fiscal truth

Where the REAL Hypocrisy Lies

Huh - Obama Not On Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Guest List

What I Learned From ‘The Incredibles’

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