Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gallup: Congress Abused Power

When you get a majority on Gallup reporting something "rightwing" then you know Rasmussen would have another 5 points added to the polling numbers.

Gallup: Majority Says Dem Health Reform Tactics Were “Abuse Of Power”
Now Gallup has released some new numbers that shed a bit of light on this:

Regardless of whether you favored or opposed the health care legislation passed this week, do you think the methods the Democratic leaders in Congress used to get enough votes to pass this legislation — were [they] an abuse of power, or were [they] an appropriate use of power by the party that controls the majority in Congress?
Abuse of power 53%

Appropriate use of power 40%

No opinion 7%
A surprising 58% of independents, too, said Dem tactics constituted an abuse of power.

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