Monday, October 4, 2010

Junk Science 10-04

Black Crosses and Black Deaths

Big Green: Don’t get hit on the campaign trail by this environmental wrecking ball

Iowahawk debunks the whole idea that the 10:10 video was just hi-jinks and giggles by walking you (quite accurately) through the advertisement's creative process. I know, I've been there. Mad Men

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Also A Reminder of the Danger of Politicized Science

Climate Change Round-Up

UN climate change panel to be warned over reports The United Nation's climate change organisation faces a warning over how it uses scientific facts in its influential reports, following the discovery of a series of embarrassing errors in its work

Energy & Environment

Why the 10:10 Video Is a Distraction. Moral outrage at the blatantly lunatic production of morally unmoored filmmakers, however justified, isn't nearly enough. It's largely a distraction from focusing on the real danger: the environmentalist middle.

New Scientist’s Fred Pearce calls for Pachauri to resign

Glimpse of our (greener?) future - Business begs for more time to comply with new green tax. Businesses are pleading for more time to prepare for a new green tax after it emerged that the deadline is sooner than expected and costs could reach £500,000 over the next five years

Who is responsible for Warmabomber's violent agenda?

Rejecting Science for Ideology

Britain's energy policy is in crisis. The Government's policy on renewable energy is wasteful and counter-productive, says Christopher Booker

Given my position on this subject, I guess I'm glad Obama is a back-stabber. Obama White House tanked shot at bipartisan climate ‘cap-and-trade’ deal?

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