Saturday, October 9, 2010

Daily Round-Up 10-09

Remembering Why Columbus Day Matters


The Coming of the Fourth American Republic


Nicky Diaz, meet Mr. I.C.E.

Beware the Google Bomb

The Other Jerry Brown Insult: Police Chiefs Don't Read

PJTV Video - The Week in Blogs: Obama's Fate is Sealed, Plus See A Real Radical Republican

Holder Loses Gamble on Terror Trial. A ruling this week by a federal judge shows why the president and his AG were wrong in not conducting military tribunals for these unlawful combatants.

Che Guevara; Guerrilla Doofus and Murdering Coward

When Uncle Sam's in Charge, No One Claims Responsibility

PJTV Video - Kruiser Control Special: Don't Be A Such A Rick

What we can learn from watching the libertarians-for-Obama Great Economist Hope get caught doing the White House's dirty work in trashing libertarians against Obama

The Jerry Brown campaign's “whore” comment wasn't the first to slur against a Republican woman. And look where the attacks are coming from—progressives and liberal women.

Kos & Company: Stuffing the virtual ballot box with faux votes


Black Republicans offer hope after Barack Obama's failures on race. The Obama presidency has not led to a post-racial America, says Toby Harnden, but black Republicans in Congress could help break down barriers

Why I am a black Tea Party patriot opposed to Barack Obama. I've seen lives ruined by the welfare dependency backed by this Democratic president. We need the dignity of self-reliance

“A warning from someone whose present resembles your future.”

Tea Party Participation Up As Election Nears

PJTV Video - Rules for Radical Conservatives: Know Your Opponent and the Constitution

Revolt of the Accountants Washington is turning America into Paperwork Nation.

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