Saturday, October 9, 2010

Obamacare 10-09

Senate Office to Host Health Fair for Well-Covered Staffers

Rationing can happen here

ObamaCare Breaks the Top Ten

One aspect of "government-run" healthcare is intense control of yours and your children's lives. For example, British schoolchildren are publicly weighed and measured (nice touch of humilation) to determine if they are "obese" or not. What could go wrong. Hundreds of parents wrongly told their children are overweight because of IT glitch. Hundreds of parents have been wrongly sent official letters warning that their children are overweight because of a computer glitch.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Also Builds Awareness of the Dangers of Government-Run Medicine

Odds are on Supreme Court striking down healthcare reform

There's already a shortage of healthcare in the UK and now this. Revealed: list of hospitals facing A&E and maternity closures and cutbacks. Despite pledges that the NHS would be ring-fenced from government cuts, dozens of A&E and maternity units have been earmarked for closure or mergers If Britain allowed the privatization of their healthcare system, this wouldn't happen. There'd be clinics and doc-in-the-box facilities where needed.

Battling ObamaCare: The Health Care Industry Starts to Awaken. Along the road to the passage of health care reform, Obama encountered little opposition from the very people who had the most to lose, but ObamaCare is now providing a much-needed wake-up call for many medical professionals.

PJTV Video - ObamaCare: If You Like Your Insurance, You Lose Your Insurance

Understanding Healthcare: Healthcare and Businesses

Red tape is driving clinical trials abroad meaning British patients will suffer: experts. Britain is at risk of losing its world leading status in medical research as red tape and cost push scientists to take their clinical trials overseas, experts have warned.

McDonald's Gets Taste of Obama Sausage-Making

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