Friday, October 22, 2010

Daily Round-Up 10-22

Cyber Attack Strikes FreedomWorks. Nice try, jackasses


Gays In The Military Is A Good Thing

New Poll: Texans Will Re-Elect Gov. Rick Perry. A new poll captures Texans' attitudes on the governor's race and several other salient issues, pointing to one solid fact: Texas is red and will get redder. Don't get cocky.

Confessions of a Pollster


Military Voters, We Want to Hear From You. States are failing deployed military members and families, and the DOJ's Keystone Kops are doing little to nothing to help.

Fox Guarding the Hen House: Trial Lawyer Who Repeatedly Sued Food Companies Now Regulating Them

Illegal Aliens Canvass for Votes in Wash. State

"Did I mention I'm fighting against your Constitutional rights in court?"
Props for trying but in Obama's case what he says and what he does rarely match up. I prefer Tim Gunn's "It Gets Better" to this.

If you don't like it, vote!

Part one - Lawyers Gone Wild AND Part two - Places where judges don't allow justice to prevail AND Part three - Judicial Hellholes

Rasmussen: Only 25% Prefer a Government With More Services, Higher Taxes Here.

A Closer Look at CAIR

Leftist Group Finds 3,000 Suspect Hispanic Voters to Register & Vote on Last Day of Early Voting in Ruth McClung’s District …Update: 65% Are Invalid

After news of Google tax dodges, Obama raises money with Google execs

A Modest Proposal to the French

London borough becomes 'Islamic republic'


ObamaCare's Incentive to Drop Insurance My state of Tennessee could reduce costs by over $146 million using the legislated mechanics of health reform to transfer coverage to the federal government.

Obamacare's Unkeepable Promises. Utopian vision was a fraud from the beginning

A Glimpse of the Future Under Obamacare

Obama’s 'Big Lies' Get Bigger

Thanks To Obama And Health Care Reform, I'm No Longer Paying For My Employees' Insurance


An Alternative to Ethanol

A Wake Up Call to Anti-Mining Environmentalists: We Need Copper

Obama Underappreciation Syndrome

Fox Guarding the Hen House: Trial Lawyer Who Repeatedly Sued Food Companies Now Regulating Them

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