Monday, April 18, 2011

In Economic Woes 04-18

It Can Happen Here S&P shocked markets today with the announcement that the U.S.’s long-term outlook has been shifted from stable to negative.

Standard & Poors Rings The Reality Bell

End of the Road?

Wall Street drops more than 1 percent on U.S. outlook

A conservative populist leaves the Fed

Taxes to Balance the Budget? Not Unless Rates Go Up 150 Percent, Study Says

Flat tax option: the freedom to choose

Obama's Tax Hypocrisy

Obama targets the middle class while pretending to tax only the rich.

Obamas Paid $453,770 Taxes on $1.7 Million Income. President Obama and wife Michelle paid $453,700 in federal taxes on $1.7 million 2010 income

Obama’s $2 trillion stealth tax hike

The Middle-Class Tax Trap

PwC: U.S. Companies Pay World’s 6th-Highest Effective Tax Rate

There’s no fairness in taxing e-sales

America finally comes to its senses and faces the fiscal facts.

U.S. Taxpayers on the Hook for Portugal Bailout

Issa: Regs 'hampering' tech industry

The Granddaddy of All Bubbles?

Saudis Slash Output, Say Oil Market 'Oversupplied'

Gas in 6 states, nation's capital tops $4 a gallon

The 30-Cent Tax Premium Tax compliance employs more workers than Wal-Mart, UPS, McDonald's, IBM and Citigroup combined.

Long ideological war underpins US budget battle

Poll: Clear majority oppose elimination of popular tax breaks

Red Flags Popping Up All Over Bank of America

Economic common sense left D.C. long ago

Budget Deficit: Government Handouts Top Tax Income

USA Today/Gallup Poll: Americans Want to Keep Their Tax Breaks

World Bank: Food prices have entered the 'danger zone' Food prices have entered the “danger zone”, threatening to condemn a generation to extreme poverty and malnutrition, the World Bank has warned.

He's a "community organizer" not a mathmatician - The President’s “matching deficit reduction” claim is off by a trillion dollars (or more)

World Finance Chiefs Chastise US on Budget Gap

A Very Good Question about Our National Debt

5 Economic Issues That Doom Obama to 1 Term. Though 18 months out, narrative for 2012 elections is already created

This Can't Go On

State’s home sales worst in 20 years

he IRS: Even Worse Than You Think

General Motors: The Wheels Are Coming Off the Cart(s)

Electric Car Catches Fire, Again

GM to raise car prices due to oil, metal costs

That's pricey: 13 items that cost more, or will

Enron Writ Large

Alexander favors a fiscal 'straitjacket'

From Pleasant Deficit Spending to Unpleasant Sovereign Debt Crises

A Little Bit More on the Ryan Plan

Proposed OSHA Super-Rule

'Government motors' is still a lemon

Auto Recall: When The Wheels Come Off Government Motors…Literally

Tax advisers: Higher rates are coming

The Taxman Cometh, and Taketh Away. Simply put, Obama isn’t taking the spending crisis seriously — and neither are many others in Washington

At the prices gold is going for that's probably about three bars. Texas University Endowment Storing About $1 Billion in Gold Bars

Congressman wants ticking debt clock installed on House floor

Austerity, Here and There

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