Thursday, November 12, 2009

ACORN/UNIONS Corruption 11/12

Ratner Family Ties: ACORN and Justice Department Plot Thickens

Meet the Ratners: Defending ACORN is Their Family Business

New Document Reveals: SEIU Will Conquer Using Any Means Necessary

Tea Party Takes On Political Corruption and Big Labor In California

California Labor Wars. A rival union charges Andy Stern's SEIU with election fraud.

A Bloody Video - The B-Cast Interviews Victim of Bloody Beating at SEIU Meeting AND More on Card Check Intimidation

'Cause that'll help - Unions prod Obama to fix ailing airline industry

ACORN Sues Feds Over Funding Cut Great now we have to defend the non-wasting of our tax dollars in court. And will the American Taxpayer get justice under Holder's DoJ?

SEIU: Evidence Against Card Check Scroll down, they've got a lot.

SEIU Gives Card Check Another Lump AND Toxic Card Check Flipped for “Majority Signup”

Union Embezzlement: From Auto Workers to Disney, Union Corruption Knows No Bounds

ACORN Association Costs Levenson PR Firm Business

A Second SEIU Attack in St. Louis: The Kelly Owens Story

VIDEO Reminder: Why Card Check Is A Bad Idea AND Card Check Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them

Media Matters: ACORN Police Report Good, Gladney Police Report Bad

Commerce Department’s Rejection of ACORN Application Belies Alternative Funding Sources

NEWLY REVEALED DOCUMENTS Conradict NEA Chairman Landesman

The Future of Wade Rathke and ACORN, Part I

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