Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Obamacare Daily Round-Up 11-10

Interview with the President: Jail Time for Those without Health Care Insurance?

Democrats Raise Alarms Over Health Bill Costs

Health care issues: The public insurance plan

Warner: Obama misplayed health care debate

Way to Go, Planned Parenthood

Betting Against Obama Health Care Increases as Time Grows Short

Reid Plans Senate Health Care Debate Next Week

A Red-Ink Train Wreck: The Real Fiscal Cost of Government-Run Healthcare

It's all about control - OJ with Breakfast? Repent!

Women’s Reproductive Rights Thrown Under Obama’s Bus

Pelosi Dances on Health Care's Grave. Nancy Pelosi envisions herself forever sculpted into liberalism’s Mt. Rushmore. But whether you are for or against it, the health care plan passed by the House is a truly a monumental disruption of our economy. Once enacted, we will never go backwards.

Health reformers prepare for Senate hurdle

What It Means
Yesterday, in the dead of night, the U.S. House of Representatives took a small step for Nancy Pelosi and a giant step for despotism.

Freedom, David Hume famously observed, is seldom lost all at once. More often, it leaks out slowly. The petty tyranny of good intentions colludes with the bureaucratic imperative to stymie individual initiative and barter liberty for the sake of central control.

ObamaCare’s Redistribution of Health. Of course the president and Congress are after money, but they really want control over your life. (Update: House approves health care reform bill.)

GOP Senator Draws Fire for Opposition to Vets' Health Care Bill

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