Monday, November 9, 2009

Random Round-Up 11-09

So here it is, I got blindsided between helping my neighbors (happy to do it), my husband's ER visit and subsequent doctor's appointments (not so happy about that), and getting the house ready for a family visit.

Below is a Random Round-Up in which I will try to contain my complete and thorough disgust towards all those vile, scum-sucking, rat-bastards who voted for Obamacare in the middle of the night like the sneaky jackasses they are.
Lap Dog Blue Dogs who Voted for Pelosicare Please see above.

Tears, tempers fly in Nancy Pelosi's campaign

Dissing Free Speech

Obama’s Pet Goat Moment

Oh Goody, more vile character's in Obama's administration - Who is Steve Max: Ward Churchill Meets Rahm Emanuel

Up Against a Wall of Debt, Part II

Why should they care about us, they got theirs. Report: 237 millionaires in Congress

Freewheeling Young Voters Scare Both Parties AND Were They Duped Or Were They Stupid?

Soda Scam Goes Hollywood

Regarding the Hood Massacre - It's sad when President Bush is a classier act than Obama. Two Profiles in Class AND Nuts

From Ann Althouse.
The Fort Hood massacre was rhetorical flourish as Obama urged House Democrats to vote for health care.

His idea was: Soldiers make sacrifices for the good of the country, so congressional Democrats should put their concerns about the next election aside for the good of the country.

I Am Kenneth Gladney AND Police Report on Gladney Beating by SEIU Thugs AND Still No Prosecution Months After SEIU Thugs Assaulted Kenneth Gladney

More Union Violence: State Worker Beat Up At SEIU Meeting

Congressman Connolly (D-VA) has a bully in his office shoving women Connolly will not be my representative for much longer. I am looking forward to "firing" him come Nov. 2010.

NEW VIDEO: Vadum on Fox Biz re ACORN

Owens's New Record: Breaking 4 Campaign Promises in First Hour

Good. Obama's Environmental Policies Could Hurt 2010 Dems, Too

No Climate For a Change Treaty

Dems put agenda ahead of country

4 Sheets of Parchment v. 2032 Pages of Government Control

5 reasons 'gay marriage' lost in Maine

Club for Growth Wields Its Club in Florida Senate Race, Backing Rubio
Challenges for a Republican renaissance

Conservatism, Feet Planted

Will America Follow England into Oblivion?

Media Corruption - NY Times Portrays Catholic Medal of Honor Winner as Muslim

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