Monday, September 28, 2009

For Your Viewing Pleasure

A selection of PJTV videos with news that you won't get from the TV.

Obama's New World Order & Violent Protests From The Far-Left Fringe This one is long.

The (Civil) Virginia Duel: Republican Whip Cantor & Rep. Scott (D-VA) in a Health Care Showdown

The Week In Blogs: Our Soap Star-in-Chief Barack Obama and The Begley Effect. That VodkaPundit is like a cool drink of water - no strike that - martini.

Hair of The Dog: The Great Obama Overdose

Bad Apples in the Big Apple, Protestors vs. Turtle Bay Tyrants at the United Nations

Obama and Chavez and Castro, Oh My. The Truth About the Honduran Coup & Our President's Wrong Move This one is long.

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