Thursday, October 1, 2009

Corruption Daily Round-Up 10-01 Updated

EXCLUSIVE: ACORN Legal Memo Confirms Depths of Troubles. AND ACORN's Prophetic Lawyer

Is ACORN a Faith-Based Organization?

Did SEIU Throw ACORN Under the Bus? A two-fer!

Vegas judge binds ACORN, former employee for trial

ACORN’s Working Family of Democratic Socialists

Why Did Bank of America Pay ACORN? No reason. Oh, and by the way, BofA's Lewis Set to Retire December 31

Acorn to Stand Trial in Nevada Case

Lawsuit shows ACORN is failing to grasp reality

ACORN slowly shuttering its doors, services in Florida

ACORN Avoiding Houston Politics in 2009

ACORN ‘Advisory’ Committee Has Huge Stake in Success of Group Well, their role model is the Congressional Ethics Committees.

Head of Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools Expresses Regret for Controversial Incident. A little too late for my thinking.

Freaky-deaky Edwards love child scandal even freaky-deakier than thought Another two-fer, gotta love it when politicians are "efficient".

French government drops support for director Roman Polanski as he faces extradition to the U.S. over child sex charge. Gee, I wonder why? Did they finally read the full victim's testimony and that Polanski by pleading guilty agreed with that testimony?

Polanski Vs. Kazan: A Tale of Two Oscars

Pardon the Language Gotta love an op-ed that includes the phrase "batsh@t crazy".

Two Cold War Authors Implode Defending Polanski

Protecting Children--Not right or left, just right or wrong

Harvey Weinstein: Hollywood Has the Best Moral Compass. Really, Harvey?

Leftists and Conservatives Can Agree: Polanski Is a Child Rapist Who Should Face Justice. Kumbayah!

The Variable Value of Human Life. Contrasting coverage of a murdered abortion doctor and a murdered anti-abortion activist reveals much about media bias. It makes sense, really. If you don't believe in exactly what the Liberal Media tells you should believe in, then they think you probably deserve to die.

They Sure Don't Look Like Part of a Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. But they oppose Obama's IOC bid so they must be an "angry mob" according to the MSM.

On Climate, Bad News Will Resume. Another two-fer! Junk science being touted by the New York Times!

Townhall coverage you won't get from the Mainstream Media (because they are too deep in the tank for Obama to admit not everyone agrees with him). VIDEO!

Good Example. Even NPR thinks Polanski is wrong. The National Review: Rushing To Defend Polanski

Horrible Warning. In Roman Polanski case, is it Hollywood vs. Middle America?

Cap-and-Trade Really Is Cap-and-Tax

Climate control debate heats up in the Senate I'd say the only place where we can find human activity causing warming is all the hot air coming out of Congress.

EPA moves to regulate smokestack greenhouse gases. And thus making life more expensive for all of us.

On Climate, Bad News Will Resume. Another two-fer! Junk science being touted by the New York Times!

Freedom From Foreign Oil. When the vast majority of our "foreign oil" comes from Canada, this is a pretty pathetic stick to beat us with. Natural gas is fine but if you are serious about wanting to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and want to be clean, then nuclear energy (like France!) is our best option. Coal is our second best and cheaper one.

U.S. Air Quality Continues to Improve. This has been well documented for years but try reading about it in the MSM.

Leftist foundations work against coal miners

Did SEIU Throw ACORN Under the Bus? A two-fer!

SEIU’s Texas Roadshow: Will They ‘Kill’ Your Company?'

Here is an activist group doing the right thing - Candlelight vigil for 60 years of PRC

Right or Left, lying is corrupt. ALG Leveled a Serious Charge. Now it’s Time to Prove it.

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