Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm Beat

How is it that I didn't get any sleep last night and still managed to get up early this morning, make coffee, empty the dishwasher, help my six year old with a school project (involving printing out pictures and spelling out words), make his lunch, make both kids breakfast, check two different email accounts, call a neighbor to let her know her kid made it over here, make sure both kids were dressed, medicated, and packed for school, take three kids to the bus stop, let an inspector in to check our hot water heater, check and balance our bank accounts, call our accountant regarding a minor tax matter, tidy up the children's detritus, and enter over 200 sweepstakes all before 10am.

And this doesn't even feel like a "productive" day because I still have errands to run and my desk is so disorganized.

I'm gonna do the round-ups but only so I can reward myself with a nap later (HA!).

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