Thursday, March 4, 2010

Daily Round-Up 03-04

How to ruin a child: Too much esteem, too little sleep I wrote about this NurtureShock book here and a link to the book's website is here (video below):

VIDEO - Rep. Chris Herrod, (R-Utah), on why he wants the state to be able to take land from the federal government.

Is David Cameron the ‘John McCain’ of the British Conservative Party? Despite all the Labor government’s problems, Cameron does not understand the mood of the people he is trying to attract. Personally I think he has been so indocrinated by the Labor Party that rather than differentiate the Conservative party in meaningful ways which is what Britain desperately needs, Cameron is copying many stupid Labor policies. Which reflects stupidity onto him. Are there any British Conservatives with spines? (Well, except my husband)


D.C. Ties the Knot but Leaves Voters Unraveled

Should It Be Illegal to Be a Jew in Massachusetts?

The Basement Boys. The making of modern immaturity. AND The Youth War On US - I blame the Boomers.

Change in Military Policy Will Censor U.S. Chaplains

"Through the Mud"?

The Logical Outcome of Illogical Non-Discrimination Policies at Universities


Time Magazine Says We're Failing Our Schools because of Unions

The Klan In Rhode Island? SPLC Exaggerates Again

Well, they did buy a lot of politicians - Will 2010 Be Labor's Turn?

Sneaky ACORN Changes Name of ACORN Housing Corp.


Why I took a stand

School Choice Facts at Your Fingertips

Watchdog groups seek revamp of ethics rules

Caffinated Astroturf - Pouring Cold Water on the Coffee Party AND Tea Party Knockoffs: Watered Down, Bitter. A possibly fake Tea Party candidate may be looking to help Harry Reid, and a blatantly Astroturfed "Coffee Party" gets a smattering of attention.

PJTV Video (ZoNation) - Zo's Take on the 3rd Party Makes Him Crazy Like a FOX

Court Date Set For the Kenneth Gladney Beatdown Case

Texas Hold ‘Em or California Roll: Shootin’ with the Right Governor

Tea Party activists internally debate ‘foolishness’ of Mark Williams’s response to Dylan Ratigan’s ‘racist’ charges

What the Tea Party Movement Is Not — A Short Primer

CWA at the Oxford Union Debates It was at the OUD that I met my husband (well technically, he saw me at a Conservative Club party but didn't get the courage to talk to me until we were introduced at the OUD bar.)

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