Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Daily Round-Up 10-27

Black Republicans Demand Obama 'Bus' Apology

Awesome: Angle Sends Flowers & Thank You Note to Joy Behar After Screed Helps Raise $150K UPDATE: Behar's Profane Reponse


Nine Key Ballot Initiatives to Watch

Nice Backbone - NJ gov: I'm sticking with decision to scrap tunnel

Ford Proves Capitalism Works Better Than Government Motors

Could WikiLeaks do good? - Wikileaks on American Hikers

Midterm blowout: 50 or more Dem seats set to fall in the election Don't get cocky and don't forget to vote.


Dumb. Justice Elena Kagan's first vote is against an execution. The newest member of the Supreme Court is in the minority in backing a stay of execution over questions about the safety of a drug to be used in a lethal injection. Shortly after the stay was overturned Tuesday, Arizona executed Jeffrey Landrigan

Top DOJ Official Describes Recent Controversy As "He Said, She Said," Insists Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Feds arrest N.Va. man in D.C. Metro bomb plot

Public Optimism in U.S. System of Government Hits a 36-year Low

Why Socialism Breeds Racism

Taxpayer Funding for the Arts Corrupts the Arts

North Carolina Department of Revenue’s Demand for Amazon Customer Records Violates the First Amendment

Acknowledge the Black Community Is Committing Genocide on Itself

Block The Vote


How the “Scientific Consensus” on Global Warming Affects American Business—and Consumers

Plastic Water Bottles Won't Hurt You

Given the source... - Al Gore: Tea Party making climate science a ‘political football’

The Politics of Global Warming

Broken Telephone in Court Opinions

Baltimore Hands Out First Trans Fat Citation

Administration: No regrets pushing health reform before climate

When Hormone Creams Expose Others to Risks Actually, I'm still more concerned about women urinating artificial estorgen into our fresh water supply.

GM Salmon: Swimming Against the Regulatory Tide


The Moral Disaster of Health Care

Doctors vs. Bureaucrats: Are They Listening?

Administration: No regrets pushing health reform before climate

Obamacare Report Card: It’s Worse than We Thought

Take the Pledge, or Walk the Plank You can't stay in office forever. Failure to repeal Obamacare may result in failure of re-election.

Is there nothing Obamacare can't hurt? ObamaCare harms our troops

Florida Court Slams Obamacare


Media Research Center documents ABC, CBS, NBC bias

‘Go Watch This Video. It’s Enlightening, It’s Enraging.’: Gov Christie Raves Over O’Keefe ‘Teachers Gone Wild’ And still the MSM is silent.


Taking the Public Out of NPR

The rise, fall and rise of John Boehner
The Heartland Institute has good people - The Patriot’s Toolbox: Stock Up on Public Policy Ammunition

Lawmakers May Probe Late Military Ballots

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