Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Round-Up 10-26

Treasury Draws Negative Yield for First Time During TIPS Sale

Want to Stop Voter Fraud? There’s an App for That!

Boxer says abortion views won't hurt her with socially conservative Latinos

Well, maybe this will. Ethics Foundation Requests A.G. Holder to Investigate Barbara Boxer.
“In a breaking development that may affect the close California Senate race, Pajamas Media has learned The Foundation for Ethics in Public Service sent a letter to Eric Holder last Thursday requesting the attorney general ‘begin an investigation to determine whether United States Senator Barbara Boxer violated any criminal laws or should be liable for any civil penalty for failure to disclose real property on her Personal Financial Disclosure Reports between 2002 and 2010.’”
Dem County Clerk Lets Voter Cast Ballot After-Hours, Democrat Legislator Electioneers in Polling Place

Military Vote in Question After DOJ Gives Illinois 'Pass' on MOVE Act, Advocacy Group Warns

New Study Says Cost of Health Reform Subsidies Could Far Exceed Previous Estimates

Aide to Harry Reid Lied to Feds, Submitted False Documents About Sham Marriage AND SCANDAL? Harry Reid Aide Lied To FBI About Fake Marriage to Alien With Possible Terrorist Ties

I’m Happy to Stand with Juan Williams, A Friend of School Choice

'Fighting' Obama tells House Dem candidate to 'run scared'

Voter Fraud Watch: Allegations of Poll Worker Misconduct in Harris County, Texas. We sounded the warning about Harris County, Texas, back in September. Now serious allegations of misconduct by poll workers and illegal electioneering by members of the union most closely connected to the Obama administration are coming to light.

MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Saves Democrat Party Boss From Embarrassing ‘Buying Votes’ Gaffe

Voter reports problem with ballot machine

We’d Better Win Big

Nevada Voters Complain Of Problems At Polls

SEIU Offshoot Mi Familia Vota Caught With 6,000 Bogus Colorado Voter Registrations.

Web video takes shots at teachers union

O’Keefe video appears to show New Jersey union official describing voter fraud

Obama to Latinos: ‘Punish Our Enemies’ AND Obama to Kids: Stop the Bullying; Obama to Latinos: Punish Your Enemies AND New Obama GOTV Rallying Cry: Let‘s ’Punish Our Enemies’

On being out, proud and conservative. My left-liberal experience was of intolerance if you dared challenge political correctness. The right is more accepting

Obama's post-election escape to Mumbai: "Obama’s contingent is huge. There are two jumbo jets coming along with Air Force One, which will be flanked by security jets." "There will be 30 to 40 secret service agents, who will arrive before him. The President’s convoy has 45 cars, including the Lincoln Continental in which the President travels."

Patty Murray’s Attack Ad Redux: Recycled Video May Raise Campaign Finance Questions.

Jack Conway may have tipped brother off about drug investigation


The Super La Nina and the Coming Winter. Things might get real cold.

Rep. DeFazio Investigating Impeachment of Chief Justice Roberts

Shocking Video: 60 Minutes Admits Unemployment is Actually 17%, 22% in California

Barney Frank’s Incompetence, Politics Made Financial Crisis Worse

More Barney Frank Lies Exposed

Paper Ballots

Voters fed up with Obama's big, bossy government

MoveOn Protester Stomped on at Kentucky Senate Debate

Look Who's Winning Under Obamanomics AND Firms who received bailout cash giving generously to Pols

Porker of The Month for October 2010: Debbie Wasserman Schultz!

Obamaphobia: What's Really Behind It?

Unsustainable At Every Level: Congress Fiddles and We Get Burned

Accelerating Towards the Abyss: The Real Story of Fiscal Year 2010. The Obama administration and the Pelosi-Reid Congress have spent wildly and run up deficits recklessly on a scale virtually unprecedented in human history.

Manchin distances himself from health care law he once supported

Feds consider limiting potatoes offered to kids

Federal Auditor Says Obama's Anti-Foreclosure Effort Risks 'Generating Public Anger And Mistrust' First

Five Signs the Dems are Doomed

New ACORN effort is mobilizing voters, run by woman indicted for violating election laws

More About That Voting Machine "Glitch"

Free enterprise just hasn't been good for journalism

When you can’t persuade voters Cheat

The Tea Started Brewing Under Bush

Identified: Right Nation Protester Who Called Andrew Breitbart ‘Gay’ Is A Democrat Party Official

Ed Koch: The Coming Political Tsunami

Fed Won't Join Supreme Court Appeal on Loan Disclosures

Difficulties in Defining Errors in Case Against Harvard Researcher

All except Gore - Nobel Peace Prize Winners on Behalf of Liu Xiaobo (updated)

Vanguard Endorses Obama, Democrats

Inspector General blasts Treasury for bungling everything TARP

More Democracy, More Incarceration. The devastating mix of politics and crime policy

Saved by the Closet We've got so much stuff that it's easing the slump

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