Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Daily Round-Up 02-08

Message from the Protesters in Tahrir Square

Ohio Mother is Modern Day Rosa Parks


Sarah Palin Throws Support Behind GOProud Participation at CPAC

Multiculturalism will fail: Tarek Fatah

Indian navy captures 'pirate mothership'

Dems Conceding Bush Was Right on Middle East


At Ground Zero, a sham memorial: A victim's brother says the plans insult our history Sort of like have a WWII memorial without mentioning the war?

IRA dissidents hid Belfast bomb on child's bike

85 million women ‘missing’ in China, India: UN report

Voters Believe Federal Government Encourages Illegal Immigration, Support Military Along Southern Border

Chrysler releases $9m Super Bowl ad while requesting more taxpayer dollars

Robert Chesney on Targeting Al-Awlaqi, and My Comment on Targeting for Incitement to Violence

Ft. Hood's victims: sacrificed for PC

Conservatism And Identity Politics

Ukraine’s Transparent Corruption

Another Park51 Imam Resigns

One-legged Afghan Red Cross worker set to be hanged after converting to Christianity

Who will defend Mideast Christians?

Your Capitalism Bad, Mine Quite Good

Government Worker Who Smeared Joe the Plumber Gets New Government Job

Saddam Hussein Targeted Rumsfeld's Daughters

Demise of the Dictators. In lands that have been plundered and tyrannized, the Arab Revolution of 2011 has been smoldering for decades. What finally turned resignation into rebellion. Let's just hope this "demise" doesn't turn into the rise of thugocracies.


Ditching unwritten rules for freshmen, Paul does it his way

Florida's Scott Sends Shockwaves with $5B in Budget Cuts

Liberalism is not in America’s DNA

Multiculturalism will fail: Tarek Fatah

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