Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Daily Round-Up 08-11


Love, Limits, and Loss


The Point of No Return

Are Americans Bigots? Attacking the motives of those who disagree with elite opinion has become all too common.

SC town adopts ADF-recommended prayer policy in wake of threats from atheist group

Only Government Bloodsuckers Made More Money Last Year

Special interests undermine the public interest

"Police Officers Don't Check Their Civil Rights at the Station House Door" Three law enforcement officials defend the arrest of citizens who record on-duty cops.

Constitutional Amendments and Citizenship Rights

“Shut up! You Can’t Sing the National Anthem Here!”

Judge Overrules Calif. Voters on Prop 8

Gay Marriage Myths and Truth VS. The Weak Case Against Gay Marriage

The Government Confiscates Your Money to Build Mosques Church, Temple, Mosque, whatever. I do not believe that a country in which the Church and the State are kept separate should fund any religious building projects.

America's parent trap

Greg Gutfeld, genius


Juan Williams Plays Race Card: Old White People Voted For Prop C (Video)

Medicare chief's ties questioned: Nonprofit's donors not filed


Invasion of the Invasive Species! Local biodiversity is increasing.

FDA Stops Stem Cells in USA

The Benefits of Friendly Oil


Central Illinois 9/12 Project

Instapundit’s “Save The Country” Challenge

How come Sarah can meet with an angry voter and keep her cool when these jokers can't?
Sarah Palin meets an angry lady with a sign AND Video: Palin confronts “worst governor ever” protester; Update: Palin rips media coverage of video

Tea Party Infiltrator Exposed Posing as Racist at Rand Paul Rally

Tea Party favorite wins GOP primary

Newly Proposed Florida Immigration Reform--'One Step Further' Than AZ Law

Catching Up with Eric Cantor

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