Monday, August 9, 2010

Bad Politician Bad 08-09

President Obama Job Approval

Disguise, the Limit

Capitol gluttony

The voters’ blinding hatred of Harry Reid

Rep. Waters charged on three ethics counts

Past Week’s Primaries Strongly Reflect ‘Enthusiasm Gap’ between Parties. Republican primary turnout was two or three times that of the Democrats, and the much maligned tea party movement is one big reason why

End the Government Entitlement Complex

Uh-Oh Senate faces full September agenda

After Bell's toll, what's next?
Calling out the city of Bell's flagrant misuse of taxpayer funds for enormous salaries for city executives has started a statewide movement for local cities and municipalities to post all salary information on their websites.
That's good news for those of us concerned with greater transparency, but the approach must be uniform for cities throughout the Golden State, and transparency should not be the only reform. Much work needs to be done on the public policy front to protect local taxpayers and address unbalanced compensation for civic employees. Such actions as local salary caps, tough pension reform and even new governing models, such as "strong mayor" – a full-time elected mayor – at the local level should be considered.

Rep. Charles Rangel says he tried to make deal to avoid ethics charges, but GOP wants trial. We all want a trial Charlie, we all want one.

FLOTUS Criticized For Extravagant Holiday Video AND Three Levels of Michelle's Vacation And then there's this.

A foolish trip. Michelle Obama's PR disaster

Michelle, the Media and the Costa del Sol

Raising the Bar on the Costa del Sol

Obama’s Blunder

Faced with chance of winning, GOP asks, 'Now what?'

Republicans see balanced budget amendment as potent campaign weapon

The Golden State’s War on Itself

How public worker pensions are too rich for New York's - and America's - blood

Downstate 9-12 Group pushes back on Democrat bullies

Obama message booed at the boy scout national jamboree 2010 Booing isn't nice but not showing up is worse.

WikiLeaks Afghan Papers Killing Obama

Virginia action reflects growing state-federal tension on immigration

Stateless Illegals?

Maxine Waters Influenced $12 Million Bail-Out For Bank In Which She Had Business Interest

Immigration issue boosts Brewer in Arizona race

Chris Christie: The Scourge of Trenton

"The New Deal is demographically obsolete. You can’t fund the dream of the 1960s on the economy of 2010."

Overhauling 14th Amendment 'worth considering' Video

The assassination of King Coal Video

Obama's Golden Touch Tested in Colorado Primary Race

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