Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In Economic Woes 08-11

Not In 25 Years, Social Security Is Bankrupt Now

2010 Social Security Trustees Report Continues to Show the Urgency of Reform

Fed leaders meet as U.S. economic recovery loses steam

How much do your City officials make? AND City of Bell salaries: Robert Rizzo is only a symptom

Reap What You Swap

House passes state aid bill (AKA Teacher's Union Bailout)

States not facing teacher layoffs get federal money from education jobs bill anyway

Congress Takes Food from Poor People to Win Teachers Union Votes

Stimulus Pushers The latest bailout for public unions and spendthrift states.

Why business isn't hiring

Cronyism: Undermining Economic Freedom and Prosperity Around the World

California Roundup: Jobs! Jobs!! Jobs!!!

Illinois is Broke

How Did The Word "Ponzi" Get Into The MSM?

Elizabeth Warren is ill-equipped to be America's first Consumer Financial Protection Bureau director.

Obamanomics: Retirement of the World’s Greatest Cheer

First There was Funemployment; Now It's a 'Recession With Benefits'

Heritage Employment Report: July Jobs Scarce

Failure is Definitely an Option

Moody's: Money Market Accounts Were in Worse Trouble Than We Thought

The Muni-Bond Debt Bomb

Everyman’s Deficit

Pimco: US faces real risk of outright deflation

Millions face 25% cut in pensions as inflation rules for final salary schemes are changed

Are the Obama administration's policies making the labor market worse

Blame Barney Frank for the Recession, Not George Bush

Cut deficit without cutting services? Start here

Obama administration to provide $3B in housing aid

What Handouts To Cut

Average Personal Income Fell 1.8% in 2009

Who’s Laffing at Europe?

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